Necro x DMC “Murda Y’all” Video ft Emilush & Caustic

Necro just dropped a new video featuring the legend DMC and Emilush & Caustic on the hook. If I’m not mistaken the Swedish duo Emilush & Caustic put together this collabo, so I’ll assume the song will be on an upcoming album of theirs.

Necro is currently putting the finishing touches on his collaborative effort with Kool G Rap, another legend in the rap game. The duo is called The Godfathers and their full length album “Once Upon A Crime” is slated to drop November 19th 2013. So be on the lookout..

Check out the DMC x Necro video:
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Vinnie Paz – “God Bless” from upcoming “Carry On Tradition” EP

We’re excited to drop the new track “God Bless” from Vinnie Paz’s upcoming EP, “Carry on Tradition,” available digitally on October 29th, 2013 and on special-edition vinyl on November 19th. “God Bless” produced by Mikey Bingo.

You can pre-order “Carry On Tradition” on iTunes now and buy the “God Bless” single or pre-order a “Carry On Tradition” bundle with t-shirt/hoodie, poster, and stickers directly through our online store atwww.merchdirect.com/jedimindtricks.

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Rebel 8 – Fall 2013 “A.C.A.B.” & “Root Of All Evil” collections

Rebel 8 2013 Fall collection is being released in four separate installments. The third drop is called Root Of All Evil. And while money is commonly referred to as such, famed American author Mark Twain once said contradictory that, “the lack of money is the root of all evil.” // Fall ’13 drop 3/4 is now selling at UGHH.com & REBEL8.com.

In related news: Rebel 8 have decided to open a pop-up store @ their new location in Los Angeles. Here’s what Rebel 8’s Joshy had to say about it: “It’s time for us to commence work on the next big thing. For years we’ve been asked, questioned, begged, and outright told to open up a retail store front. But my answer has always been the same; I won’t say never, but I will say not now. I guess that is, until now. The 10-by-10 box I emotionally spoke about in my 833 blog, will go beyond what it now functions as today, and become another great memory in the history of REBEL8. This 10-by-10 will soon become our pop-up shop.”

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G Fella releases new single “Got A Guy” on iTunes

G Fella has just released his new single “Got A Guy” on iTunes. G Fella has been getting a lot of attention lately with his reality show “G Thing”.

Born in the Bronx and raised in Ardsley, rapper Robert “G-Fella” Scalere brings his tight-knit Italian-American family with him on a journey up the entertainment world ladder,Incorporating family and friends as business partners and a support system, G-Fella said he hopes “G-Thing” will draw fans into his quest to build an independent record label, Tracketeering Music, while giving him needed exposure.

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Streets Is Watching: Ricky Powel

I recently caught up with the Lazy Hustler Ricky Powell at the My Point of View group show, which was curated by the Rickster himself, this past Saturday in Soho. Besides some of his own work, the exhibit featured works from Jonathan Mannion, Futura, Godlis, Jason Goldwatch, Clayton Patterson, Tono Radvany, Ryan Keeley, and Janette Beckman. It’s always a pleasure to see artists embraced by fellow artists; it’s a definitive way to keep the culture moving forward in a positive direction.

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Cynic of Psycho Realm new single “Birth Right”

Psycho Realm & Sick Symphonies member Cynic has just dropped the first single off of his upcoming solo album “Grey Skies, Black Water”. The track, titled “Birth Right” features fellow Psycho Realm member Sick Jacken and Jedi Mind Tricks’ Vinnie Paz.

“Birth Right” is available now on iTunes. “Grey Skies, Black Water” will be released in October.

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