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Maximum Penalty singer releases solo single & video

New Ballbustaz episodes available now…

Loki Sinister has just released 2 quick new episodes in his Ballbustaz TV series… Episode 3.1 features Skam Dust attempting contract negotiations with ILL-Roc records CEO Lord Ezec (aka Danny Diablo) and Episode 3.2 features Chris Brown & Dominick DeLuca of Brooklyn Projects talking about their clothing line Black Pyramids Check them out and subscribe… Read More

Slayer Repentless Official Video

Steven Adler interview on the Jasta Show podcast

Strife go full on Clevo style on “Incision”

Strife have dropped the title track of their upcoming EP “Incision”, to be released on September 4th through War Records. “Incision” features two Cleveland hardcore legends, none other than Aaron Melnick (Integrity) and Human Furnace (Ringworm).. Strife’s Andrew Kline and Ringworm’s Human Furnace commented on the collaboration: “We have always been big fans of the… Read More

East Coast Tsunami Fest 2015 line up confirmed: Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Madball, Body Count & more

Reda Photography Interview

ApRock Joining Forces With The Snowgoons DJs

As the Snowgoons, Grim Reaperz, Soulbrotha, Morlockko Plus, Crazeology, White Shadow, ScarcityBP, Kyo Itachi, Soulslicers… have proven, it’s become common practice for European beat makers to produce their tracks with well respected international MCs. The internet, social networks and it`s new forms of communication made the worldwide musical exchange much easier, and a globally connected… Read More