Steven Adler interview on the Jasta Show podcast

Auni interview; Graffiti on the streets of Brazil

I seek good things where everyone sees sadness and bad conditions. I do not give up

Auni is a up- and coming young street artist hailing from Brazil. Skam Dust did a quick interview with her to find out more about this talented artist… For more info and pictures go to her instagram here, or her Facebook. Skam Dust – So AUNI it’s a pleasure doing this interview with you, it’s… Read More

Damian Burnz Interview

Todd Morse (H2O, The Offspring, Todd’s Planet) Interview

Hell Glam interview

L’idealista interview: More stagedives, less catwalks

Do you remember Hardcore bands like VEIL or I DEFY? Or did you ever hear of SALAD DAYS? Well, all these bands have one thing in common, the singer! Raoul Festante is surely an institution if you’re talking about German 90ies Hardcore with deep lyrics beyond the usual scene & crew topics. Beside his musical… Read More

Necro Interview; about “The Godfathers” with Kool G Rap & much more

With a 20+ years career under his belt Necro is no stranger to the pitfalls and advantages of building your own empire. Having done so with his record label Psycho Logical Records where he released all of Necro’s solo albums, as well as albums from Mr. Hyde, Sabac Red, and his most recent achievement; a… Read More