I like the idea of making people less uptight and shaking them out their shells the way rock-n-roll did when it first hit. Something positive in this crazy world.

Skam Dust – What’s up Todd, good to see ya especially on the road, you looking good bro.
Todd – Good hang brotha! Always looking for something…

So you play for Offspring, H2O & your band TODDSPLANET, man your fucking busy..
Ya, you have to be busy in this game. You know that! The whole music business was set up for everyone to make more money than the artist. Now it’s changing so I’m sticking around!

Word up, I hear you, I know you from the early days of H2O, the good old days in NYC, but you also played for Juliette Lewis, what’s up that?
H2O took a long break after the “Go” record. Toby’s wife Moon knew Juliette’s sister so I got the call about auditioning. It was a wild five year ride. We made a record with Dave Grohl on drums, opened for The Who and partied with Woody Harrelson among other things. I quit in 2007.

That’s sounds like a hangover party, haha. So when did you get down with Offspring?
After I quit Juliette And The Licks I started a cover band in L.A. called Petty Cash (Tom Petty, Johnny Cash). Someone who worked for The Offspring came and saw us and asked if I wanted to audition. They needed someone who could sing the back up parts. I’ve been with them for five years now. Great guys and a fun gig!


Ya those guys are cool, great idea with Petty Cash, so what’s up with your new project Todds Planet? I saw the video it’s smart, it’s cool & I love it.
TODDSPLANET is the first thing I’ve done that’s 100% my dream band. Horn section, female back up singers and soul! Like I said, now is a great time to do what you want in music because you can do it HOW you want. We are a “cover” band that sometimes cover my songs! “Good Love” is a song I wrote four years ago and our first single. I had the idea for the video for a while too. I just think videos are so boring and predictable these days. I really wanted to do something where even I didn’t know what was going to happen. Everyone dancing in the video is a total stranger. I like the idea of making people less uptight and shaking them out their shells the way rock-n-roll did when it first hit. I’m trying to get other people to make their own videos dancing in random public areas. Something positive in this crazy world. #freedancing


That’s great stuff, we’re in some ill times right now & your message is in need, fuck, I love letting my hair down.. Speaking of positive stuff not too long ago you fell in love with a hot Playboy model, got married & now your a dad. Amazing…
Yup, somehow I managed to land my dream girl. Kimberly Phillips, Miss September 2009. She’s the coolest person too. My heart and soul. Had to put a ring on it! We have a one year old baby girl named Tru. It’s my first and a total inspiration. Knocked me right out of being jaded and now I’m ready to conquer the world.


I’am Happy for ya bro, your daughter is so beautiful, you’re on the right path. Well thank you for doing this interview for The Wild Styles, is there anything You like to add in closing?
Thank you man. I just want to say thanks to all the peeps in Europe for supporting all the different bands I’ve come over there with over the past 15 years. I would be a honor to bring TODDSPLANET over next !

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