I seek good things where everyone sees sadness and bad conditions. I do not give up

Auni is a up- and coming young street artist hailing from Brazil. Skam Dust did a quick interview with her to find out more about this talented artist…

For more info and pictures go to her instagram here, or her Facebook.

Skam Dust – So AUNI it’s a pleasure doing this interview with you, it’s clear that you’re a rising star your art can be seen on the streets of San Pablo, Brazil with your signature graffiti style… We like to understand what motivates you to continue to hit the streets, especially that your a female lurking in such dangerous streets?
Auni – Skam, thank u so much for this chance!
Well… I used to say, that, since a was a little girl, I like to do what boys were doing, you know, their ideas are much more exciting than my 2 barbies. Hahahaha I like adrenaline, I love the streets, and about the dangers? Every place can be dangerous, I choose what I want to believe… I have no limits, like my mind… And I feel complete doing my art.


I understand the attraction for adventure & it turns out your not just an adventure seeker you also have skills worthy of us seeking you out for this interview. AUNI tell us what were your early influences & how has your style developed since?
Thank you very much for saying that!

Well, my first contact with graffiti was when I was at my last year at the high school, in 2004. Before this, I was always trying to understand what was written on “pixações”(pixo) is a unique form of graffiti native to the Southeastern metropolises of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. It consists of tagging done in a distinctive, cryptic style, mainly on walls and vacant buildings. Many “pixação” artists compete to paint in high and inaccessible places, using such techniques as free climbing and abseiling to reach the locations. I never done “pixos”, but it inspired me to paint at the streets. So, in 2004 a friend showed me a vídeo that changed my life, “Dirty Handz 1: Destruction Of Paris City”, after that I started my deep search, than I discovered that NYC was the train writing birthplace… So, the art is a part of me now, and I still haven’t paint my first train, but I’m almost there. Here in São Paulo, is not easy to do it, and to offset, I paint billboards with my friends from VAP crew when it arises haha.


It’s good to see a young artist like yourself with numerous influences which have different styles coming from different parts of the globe. Your work on canvas & especially on street walls reflect this. AUNI I can tell your a passionate person, what drives you?
Cool Skam! Haha, I’m on the way to do my best…
I believe in myself, I believe in my power. I just want to get what belongs to me.
What drives me forward is to seek knowledge, self-knowledge, explanations, motivations… I love the universe, the colors … I’m a good person, I have future plans that will benefit many people in need, I plan everything, and I know that the only way to create my future, is “writing”, both the goals and objectives, as in walls, canvas, buildings, billboards, trains, signs, ahhhh! write is to live. I have desire to live, like, 130 years. I want to be big, go far. I am creating a project based on the “I AM OTHER”, they do many things for my liking.
Conquer prosperity, and teach art for many children around the world. I take care of my power, ride my bike, practice Vipassana (meditation), I know that the Universe has surprises in store for me! I seek good things where everyone sees sadness and bad conditions. I do not give up.


So AUNI , it’s been a pleasure getting to know you , we love your style & we want you to continue surprising us with your works , would you like to add something in closing?
Skam, I want to thank you infinitely for this interview that you gave me. I’m flattered to know that there are people who support my art, and that above all, pass through barriers between countries, and this shows how strong the art is. I have to say that no matter if the art is elitist, if you were not born in a golden cradle, go ahead and do your best. Fate is what you make and I ‘m doing my the way I want ! Fuck what they think about me, i love being Débora Auni, and I really believe in my potential. I rule and If you don’t like it, fuck off.



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