Author: Skam Dust

Skam Dust, from the womb of Skarhead, is a thunderbolt of terror, internationally known and locally hated; he is here to sabotage the stage. Your favorite hero got his start when he was on the lam in the mid-'90s touring with the infamous Skarhead getting a better taste of N.Y.H.C., partnering in crime with Lord Ezec from Jackson Heights. With Nigel Starr on the boards and Ezec cracking the whip on the animal known as Skam Dust, Skam Dust is ready to rock.

Auni interview; Graffiti on the streets of Brazil

I seek good things where everyone sees sadness and bad conditions. I do not give up

Auni is a up- and coming young street artist hailing from Brazil. Skam Dust did a quick interview with her to find out more about this talented artist… For more info and pictures go to her instagram here, or her Facebook. Skam Dust – So AUNI it’s a pleasure doing this interview with you, it’s… Read More

Damian Burnz Interview

Todd Morse (H2O, The Offspring, Todd’s Planet) Interview

MQ “The Most Qualified” on tattooing, Japan & graff

We are proud & excited to have one of the illest graffiti writers known to man, MQ! Thats right, MQ! The Wild Styles obtained this exclusive MQ interview with the help of our good friend the one & only, NY hardcore rapper, Skam Dust.

In this interview Skam covers MQ’s 3 week trip to the land of the rising sun, Japan.

SKAM: Your looking good MQ, considering the madness that Japan is, how you feeling?
MQ: I’m feeling good, it’s great to be back, it’s like I stepped out of the matrix…

SKAM: (Skam & MQ laugh) Ya I know what your talking about…
MQ: Yes you do, we did that Japan mission together many times.

SKAM: Ya that place is the Matrix. So how you feeling?
MQ: I feel great, I got much needed rest, I am back with my family, very happy. There is nothing like getting back home & safe from a long & far away travel & seeing your family, they’re #1.

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