Loki drops yet another single, called “Out Of My Mind.
This time with an all-star line up featuring Ill Bill, Sick Jacken & Jaysaun.

We recently sat down with Loki for an extensive interview, where he talks about the creation of this song…
Like you said, “Out Of My Mind” featuring Sick Jacken, Ill Bill, Jaysaun will be out in a few weeks… Those are some pretty big names man, how did you get them on your track, and what was it like recording amongst these legends @ The Psycho Realm compound?
How did I get them on my track. Well that was easy…. I hit a button on my phone and was like “Yo brotha, I got a verse on this track I’m doing that you’d be perfect for” haha. These guys are all real life friends of mine outside of music. It just so happens that all of them are incredibly gifted MC’s and I’m very honored that they agreed to be a part of this. The song came out fucking amazing. And yes, working with these proper villains of such a high skill set totally inspires me to step up my game! I truly believe that the audience will see a natural progression in future releases.”

Read the full interview here.

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Check out video below:

Video credits:
Music written by: LOKI & J-DOG(from HU)
Direction & Cinematography by: Jon Tamkin – Bureau of Industrial Imaging.
Editing by: Wagner Pereira
Recorded & Mixed by: Federico “c sik” Lopez at The Drug Lab, Los Angeles, CA.
Special Thanks Goes Out To EKLIPS MSK(Thanks for the locations bro!)
Graffitti Insert by: SKIDONE DMS

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