Strife have dropped the title track of their upcoming EP “Incision”, to be released on September 4th through War Records.
“Incision” features two Cleveland hardcore legends, none other than Aaron Melnick (Integrity) and Human Furnace (Ringworm)..

Strife’s Andrew Kline and Ringworm’s Human Furnace commented on the collaboration:

“We have always been big fans of the Clevo sound” says Kline. “I wrote the main riff for the track, and it  took me back to Integrity’s debut LP For Those Who Fear Tomorrow.” “Human Furnace has one of the craziest and most distinct voices in hardcore, and I knew he would fit perfectly on the song… The final touch was when we got Aaron Melnick from Integrity to record his lead in full Systems Overload style…”

“Andrew hit me up about a song with a “Cleveland” vibe to it, that he wanted me to do vocals on,… after hearing the tune and doing the tracks, I said, you should get Aaron Melnick to play on this… it definitely has that Integ thing going on. Apparently, he was one step ahead of me. I always wanted to be on a recording with A Double and Strife was always one of those bands that I always respected. It’s fun to do this type of stuff sometimes.” – Human Furnace

Pre order the “Incision” ep via iTunes.

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