Mickey Kreeps has been an artist for over 15 years. 100% Self taught and accomplished, he works for a wide array of brands such as Sullen, Pitchfork NY Hardwear, Firme & Pride Clothing.
He specialises in kustom lettering, tattooing, fine art, illustration, graffiti, wood carvings & sculpture.

Living a D.I.Y way of life, Anarchist thoughts, Punk Rock, Skateboarding, Drugs, Booze & Freedom are often expressed within the artwork.

Designing original graphics for music artists, punk bands, pin-ups, urban photographers, skateboard companies & clothing brands worldwide.
Exhibiting Original Paintings in galleries are rare, but 2014 see’s some opportunities for new artwork Mickey is working on.

Inspired by vintage cartoons, comic books, kool lettering, sign painting, kustom culture & rock n roll… this is often reflected in his work, skulls, bones, horror & conspiracy themes offer you a glimpse into the mind of a seldom seen, but well respected artist.

2013 Update: Mickey has just hit us up with some of his favorite work from 2013. Including new pieces for Pitchfork, Sullen, Skam Dust & more. In 2014 The Wild Styles & Mickey Kreeps will be working together on a brand new website, possibly accompanied by a webshop as well.

If you are interested in getting some artwork from Mickey hit him up here: TheLifeOfPain@aol.com.
He’s affordable and reliable!


Mickey Kreeps’ 2013 Work:

Mickey Kreeps’ 2012 Work:


Clothing Designs:


Paintings & Graphite:

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