NYC Shutterbug Neil Britto Interview

NYC based photographer Neil Britto is an expert at snapping shots with clarity and visceral precision. Whether he’s capturing the cityscape, events, or daily street life, Britto uses his lens to highlight the finest details of any event. Britto’s photographs are life-like and interactive. He takes you on journeys, and despite the picture being conceptual or truth,… Read More

Mickey Kreeps – Design, Graff & Booze – Artist Profile – Updated with 2013 work!

Mickey Kreeps has been an artist for over 15 years. 100% Self taught and accomplished, he works for a wide array of brands such as Sullen, Pitchfork NY Hardwear, Firme & Pride Clothing. He specialises in kustom lettering, tattooing, fine art, illustration, graffiti, wood carvings & sculpture. Living a D.I.Y way of life, Anarchist thoughts,… Read More

Manipulate NYHC team up with Ninth Inning clothing

New NYHC ‘all star’ band Manipulate NYHC have teamed up with clothing brand Ninth Inning to collaborate on some gear. Here’s what Ninth Inning’s Mark Champion had to say about it: “Our collaboration with Manipulate is coming this winter. We’re beyond stoked to team up with these guys on an original & awesome project that we all stand behind. East coast friends, be sure to catch Manipulate live as they continue to carry on the NYHC tradition. I want to thank not just Buske, but the rest of the band for rocking with the 9 & supporting what it is we’re doing in Texas.”.

Ninth Inning have posted a nice interview with Manipulate NYHC bass player Buske (ex Another Victim, Santa Sangre, The Promise, Rag Men, Terror, Maximum Penalty), check it out down below…

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District 9 / Puerto Rican Myke Interview

District 9 recently dropped a new EP called “SouthBronxMemoirs” after almost 4 years of silence. This classic New York Hardcore band hailing from the Bronx decided to re-record 3 songs and add an unreleased track in the process… With a huge show coming up at the BNB Bowl it seems District 9 is back on track. We caught up with D9 frontman Puerto Rican Myke to talk about the past and future of District 9 as well as his stint in Skarhead. He also opens up about some of his personal demons in this insightful interview..


TWS: What made you guys decide to pick things up again?
PR MYKE: First and foremost I want to say “what up” to all the HARDCORE/HIP HOP kids around the world. Well, pretty much D9 played shows here and there, shuffled around a slew of musicians throughout the years & pretty much called it quits about 4 years ago. About a year and a half ago JOE HARDCORE got in touch with me and asked is D9 was interested in playing This Is Hardcore Fest in august of 2011. In a nutshell, the lineup for that show & the response we got let us know that we COULDN’T put a good thing to rest…

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MQ “The Most Qualified” on tattooing, Japan & graff

We are proud & excited to have one of the illest graffiti writers known to man, MQ! Thats right, MQ! The Wild Styles obtained this exclusive MQ interview with the help of our good friend the one & only, NY hardcore rapper, Skam Dust.

In this interview Skam covers MQ’s 3 week trip to the land of the rising sun, Japan.

SKAM: Your looking good MQ, considering the madness that Japan is, how you feeling?
MQ: I’m feeling good, it’s great to be back, it’s like I stepped out of the matrix…

SKAM: (Skam & MQ laugh) Ya I know what your talking about…
MQ: Yes you do, we did that Japan mission together many times.

SKAM: Ya that place is the Matrix. So how you feeling?
MQ: I feel great, I got much needed rest, I am back with my family, very happy. There is nothing like getting back home & safe from a long & far away travel & seeing your family, they’re #1.

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Ballbustaz TV Ep 2: Travis Barker, Toby Morse, David Labrava (SOA) & more

Ballbustaz TV are back with their second episode. This time around they talk with Travis Barker, Toby Morse & H.R. Exclusive performances by H2O (feat Travis Barker on drums!) and The Bad Brains. Episode 2 has cameo’s from David Labrava (Sons Of Anarchy), Skinhead Rob (The Transplants) and Scott Vogel (Terror).

Check out the video below: … Read More

Skam Dust interview; the life & times of Mr. Dust

The graffiti flick "Style Wars" is 100% accurate, everything about it was raw & real.

Born under a crescent moon In the Rotten Apple aka NYC, Skam Dust, a Queens native who grew up amongst the unfortunate & the wicked as Skam puts it “If the streets could talk, you wouldn’t want to walk it”. A thunderbolt of terror on the mic, Skam’s lyrics are delivered with passion and his… Read More

Ballbustaz TV Ep 1: Piecefest; David Arquette, Risk, Danny Diablo

Ballbustaz TV is new show that’s all about underground music, street art, comedy skits, hot girls, live performances, comics and / or sci-fi. This first eposide is action packed with a report from Piece Fest in L.A., which is promoting a reality show on Graffiti coming out on a major tv network. Interviews & performances from Graffiti legends Seen & Risky, DJ Lethal (House Of Pain, Limp Bizkit), David Arquette, Corin Nemec, J-Dog (Hollywoon Undead), Danny Diablo (Skarhead, Crown Of Thornz, ILL ROC Records), The L.A. Breakers and “Storm” (straight from the comic books)..

Check out the video here and stay posted for more episodes coming soon!
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