Nowadays Metalcore has many facets and too much influences to count. Beside the big players in the game, nearly everyday a new band is born. But the quantity of the bands in this genre goes often at the expense of a worse quality. But as usual exceptions prove the rules…

Miles Beneath from the Ruhr-area in North Rhine-Westphalia is one of these new bands. Even if this modern sound between growls, breakdowns, mosh- and melodic parts with clean vocals is not really my thing, I was really surprised about the quality standard of these youngsters. Hard to believe, that they´re playing just a few weeks together and that they have never played a show so far.

Their Demo EP “True North” with 4 tracks is also well produced and available as free download on their Facebook band-page. But before I start to analyze the tracks by myself which would be boring as hell, let´s do a small interview with Chris Turrek instead. He´s the singer of the band and a really nice dude.

Hi Chris, nice to have you here. So let´s start directly with you. You´re not new in this game! I remember that you´ve  played in bands like FMBH before. But to be honest, these bands were really shitty and never had the musical standard of Miles Beneath hahahaha. Don´t hate me for this dude! 😉 However, your lyrical skills have much improved since I heard you the last time on the mic. I was really impressed as I heard the first song of your demo EP. Big ups for this evolution!
Hi Alex, nice to be here. Thanks for your nice words about Miles Beneath.
FMBH … yes I remember. There was something haha, but everyone have to learn to walk before he can run XD.

So how do you met the other guys from the band and how does everything start?
As I had a show with my last Band “This is blasphemy” the guys saw me live and were surprised by my voice so they decided to ask me to join their new project.

Miles Beneath interview

Where is your official homebase?
I would say our homebase is the the “Ruhrarea” in North Rhine-Westphalia! We all live in different cities. Me and Felix are from Essen , Robin lives in Dortmund, Joel in Herne and Philipp in Marl. So we have real homebase, but we are comfortable with all of these cities!

Your sound seems to be heavy influenced by bands like Stick to Your Guns, August Burns Red, The Ghost Inside and the likes. What are your personal influences and what is the musical background of your band-mates?
My influences changed over the time about 180 degrees from bands like Emmure or Suicide Silence to While She Sleeps and Adept for example. My bandmates are pretty different in their taste of music, all love Periphery and After the Burial or Architects but some of us listen to Rap, Post-Rock like “This will destroy you” and Spoken Word music as “Listener” too. The best thing in music is the diversity in it and it´s listeners!

[two_third]For such a young band your quality standard is really high. Even the artwork of your EP “True North” or the band pictures are really well made. Seems that you want to make everything right to push the band to the max from day one!? Is this your job to coordinate everything or is the decision making a “band-thing” in which every team player is involved?
Yeah thanks a lot! We try to give our best to share our music and the only way to share things and getting the attention of people is to give what is possible from the beginning. Everything we do will be discussed in our group and only everyone is okay with the next step we will do it. Our Coordinator is Joel our Bassist. He tries to do whatever he can for a good workflow in this “big thing”! So he’s the one behind our Facebook page and the booking work.You are Straight Edge. Does this lifestyle has an influence on the band itself or is it just a personal thing? Does your Band has a “Message” – however if ideological, political, ethical or whatever?
We have no direct message or ideology we stand for. We want the people to do the right things for themselves and their surroundings, to make their lives as good as possible. This sXe thing is only for myself – everyone should do what they think is right for them and to live my life like this is my way to it right.

everyone should do what they think is right for them and to live my life like this is my way to it right


Miles Beneath interview

What issues do you handle in your lyrics? And what is the most important aspect when you start writing a song? What motivates you doing what you do?
So we don’t have any precise issues we want to point to, there are everyday problems in our lyrics like give up dreams for a “safe” life or like our song “Selection” which deals with someone who only to get the best for himself by not take care of others.

The most important part in writing lyrics for myself is that the music is already written, so that I can add the words to it as they fit. Our motivation is to stay on stage and show the people live what we have done and what is more to come. The best motivation is to see people enjoy our music!

Actually the first shows are booked for February and March….where will you play and what are your plans for 2014?
Our first show will be on 15.02 in Recklinghausen, Germany with Salt, In order to complain and xMomox. It’s a little location called JZ Südpol but it’s a little home match for the most of our members.

On 01.03 we are in Fulda with An Ocean between us and The Matter of China at the Café Panama.
The 07.03. will be a bigger Show in Oberhausen with our dudes from Breathe Atlantis, Neberu and After Years of Hope in the “Kulttempel”. You should check out all these guys, they all are great musicians! Give them a shot!

And last but not least we will start to write Songs for our first LP we want to record in late 2014. If someone wants to book us for a show, contact us through our Facebook page!

If you could choose a label for your band, which one would you choose?
This is a good question… we all like Bands from Sumerian Records, Nuclear Blast or Roadrunner, so it would be awesome to get asked by one these labels.

at the moment we are not searching for a label, we want to arrive first, play some shows, record some new material and get some merch. To be a part of “the scene” and get known is the first ambition for now.

Do you have any criteria for your label search? Or is a label not that important for you at this point? What is your main focus actually?
So at the moment we are not searching for a label, we want to arrive first, play some shows, record some new material and get some merch. To be a part of “the scene” and get known is the first ambition for now.

[one_half]What is you favorite song on the actual EP “True North”?
Our favorite song is “Sinners Reflection” so that´s why we chose this one for our first Youtube Channel Release. It deals with the hindsight of someone who wasn’t able to hold on to his dreams or wishes and gave up only to get money and some securities. This song contains a lot of styles in it from it’s melodic refrain to hard breaks which shows the diversity of music we spoke about earlier!Thanks for the interview dude and good luck for 2014!
Thanks for having us!

Miles Beneath – founded Dec. 2013

Christopher Turrek – Vocals
Philipp Wylucki – Guitar
Felix Jekubzik – Guitar & Vocals
Joel Rduch – Bass
Robin Scheer – Drums



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