Check out graff legend MQ and Skam Dust, alongside Retna, Gino Marley and others in this new episode of the Frank Show. And damn, there’s an MQ chapter of Frank 151 coming soon? Can’t wait.

Afterwards check out our extensive interview with MQ and Skam Dust….

As Frank151 themselves describe it:

“Welcome to episode five of The FRANK Show, where we’re bringing you weekly highlights courtesy of special guests Gino Marley, Retna, and MQ, plus a few other familiar FRANK heads.

To kick off the Armory vibes, first we paid a visit to our homie Retna mid painting session at a gallery in the LES, where he was prepping for a special mural project with Achievement First charter school in East New York. Then back in LA, our Japanese Matt Lauer Tosh sat down with GBE’s Gino Marley to talk guns, burgers, and who’s more smash-able: Halle Berry or Stacey Dash.

After a quick current events recap from New York editor Tabatha “Dabatha” McGurr, Skam Dust of DMS sat down for a cigar and a chat with elusive artist MQ—the curator of upcoming MQ chapter, dropping in the near future. And to wrap things up, we finished with yet another sports segment featuring the Dirty Doorman Ricky Powell and Dabatha, this time talking about athletes with a penchant for jazz cigarettes. As Ricky would say, “AYE-O!”…

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