Only Attitude Counts 20 Years Of Attitude double cd celebrates their 20th anniversy as a band. The first cd contains 10 brand new songs, while the second album features 10 re-recorded songs from previous releases.

I remember when Only Attitude Counts released their mcd “We Stand As One” on Lost & Found records, all the way back in 1995. The songs were okay, the title track being the stand out, but the production wasn’t that great. 96 brought “Continue The Fight”, which was a well-produced, solid album. Pretty much a tribute to NYHC bands like Madball and Agnostic Front, the style was so similar. Their image at the time was a bit over the top, including DMS tattoos and whatnot… Now pretty much 20 years later their sound has evolved and matured a bit. “20 Years Of Attitude” is still obviously & mostly NYHC influenced, but songs like “Dead End Day (Zombie Walk)”, “Stand Opposed” and “The World Today” let us hear a more diverse sound. As I said previously it’s still all very reminiscent of Agnostic Front, Rykers and Madball. But when it’s a tightly played and well produced as this piece is that’s not necessarily a problem..

Only Attitude Counts 20 Years Of Attitude

The second disc features the re-recordings. I have missed a couple of their releases, pretty much from 2005 on out till now. So for me this sounds like a great compilation album including some old classics… My favorites remain the songs taken from their ’96 full length debut “Continue The Fight”.. “The Real Deal”, “Like A Family” and the aforementioned “We Stand As One” sound better than ever. Classic NYHC, from Vienna haha. Since I missed a few of their releases I can’t really compare the production of these songs to their originals, but in these versions they sound great. Jacob Olsen (Born From Pain, Gorefest) did an excellent job mixing and mastering “20 Years Of Attitude”….

Both albums are packaged in a double digipack, including a booklet featuring the lyrics of the new songs. OAC vocalist Mike wrote some liner notes and everything is by some live- and band pictures. Excellent job on the packaging. What a great way to celebrate 20 years of being a band..

All in all I really enjoyed this record, both the new work and the re-recorded originals. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking we’re hearing here, some of the stuff is pretty cliche, but it’s done in a high quality way…

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