Author: Jase34 aka Alexander Lohr

Urban Monk & Vegan Artivist AGE: 35 PASSIONS: Design, Streetart, Photography, Music, Fashion, Fitness, Martial Arts, Spirituality, Animal Rights and the I LOVE MY HOOD Urban Culture Network. QUOTE: Veritas Odium Parit WEBSITE: Relaunch soon

Hell Glam interview

L’idealista interview: More stagedives, less catwalks

Do you remember Hardcore bands like VEIL or I DEFY? Or did you ever hear of SALAD DAYS? Well, all these bands have one thing in common, the singer! Raoul Festante is surely an institution if you’re talking about German 90ies Hardcore with deep lyrics beyond the usual scene & crew topics. Beside his musical… Read More

Midiflash Fresh out the Boombox Mixtape stream & download

Remember the days when people carried a boombox on their shoulder blasting their music while walking down the streets? Nowadays people use smartphones or mp3 players, with the music trapped inside the headphones. But the boombox, a classic icon of the Hip Hop culture, is ready to make a return! Boom Box 2.0 Inspired by… Read More