Midiflash Fresh out the BoomboxRemember the days when people carried a boombox on their shoulder blasting their music while walking down the streets? Nowadays people use smartphones or mp3 players, with the music trapped inside the headphones. But the boombox, a classic icon of the Hip Hop culture, is ready to make a return!

Boom Box 2.0

Inspired by the old school ghettoblasters of the 1980s, the Berlin Boombox is designed by Berlin-based DJ and illustrator, Axel Pfaender. He decided to combine his two passions, music and design, in a cool and fun mobile soundsystem, something you want to show off, like back in the days. Made from recycled cardboard and flat packed as a DIY kit, German engineered audio technology delivers powerful sound, compatible with every smartphone and mp3 player. Bringing together the classic boombox style with today’s technology, makes the Berlin Boombox a real eye-catcher.

“Fresh Out The Boombox” FREE Mixtape from MIDIFLASH

Midiflash Fresh out the BoomboxBut what’s an eye-catcher without ear candy when talking about music? Therefore the Berlin Boombox staff joined forces with Hip Hop production team MIDIFLASH to pop an authentic boom bap mixtape into their ghettoblaster. “Fresh Out The Boombox” matches the retro influenced vibe perfectly. Don’t get it wrong, while waving the flag for classic, timeless Hip Hop, this is not some dated wannabe golden era music which just copies a style that has been relevant 20 years ago. MIDIFLASHs sample-oriented beats, often accompanied by hard drums, form a perfect symbiosis with the somewhat rougher styles of their guest-rappers from both sides of the atlantic. Including well respected artists such as M-Dot, Nutso, Planetary, Block McCloud, Jaysaun, Blacastan, DJ Mirko Machine & Spax, Morlockk Dilemma… just to name a few. Luckily, the beatmakers from Munich/Germany manage to avoid the common dilemma of many producer-albums. Their 13 exclusive tracks and remixes don’t end up sounding like a wildly arranged compilation. Instead “Fresh Out The Boombox” delivers a stringent mix with a carefully elaborated sound-concept and a broad arsenal of talented guest MCs.

The best is yet to come: Check out “Fresh Out the Boombox”as stream in the Soundcloud Player or DOWNLOAD it FOR FREE!

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