The young German Streetwear brand CARNAL AVENUE is all about waking up every morning with the certain thought to die one day. The point of matter isn’t to LIVE FOREVER – it is to create something that will. Forget the DAILY STRIFE called life. Realize, there is nothing special in the world, nothing magic, NO LOVE AND NO HELP. The brand stands for the wasted youth of today, which stands between the darkness and the light – between desperateness and hope. Below the line Carnal Avenue is more than a clothing brand, it´s an attitude to life and a statement of resistance in a dying world.

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The clothing and accessories have premium quality and are produced without exception under Fair Trade conditions in Europe. For the makers of CA it´s essential, that all goods are produced under good working conditions for the workers and with preserving the natural resources. After the release of the first pieces in September 2013 more stuff is about to come out together with an upcoming Christmas Special with 20% off. So watch out, THE WILD STYLES will keep you posted!

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Carnal Avenue Streetwear Brand
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