I recently caught up with the Lazy Hustler Ricky Powell at the My Point of View group show, which was curated by the Rickster himself, this past Saturday in Soho. Besides some of his own work, the exhibit featured works from Jonathan Mannion, Futura, Godlis, Jason Goldwatch, Clayton Patterson, Tono Radvany, Ryan Keeley, and Janette Beckman. It’s always a pleasure to see artists embraced by fellow artists; it’s a definitive way to keep the culture moving forward in a positive direction.

It’s especially a pleasure to see this from a person like Ricky Powell, who’s been capturing classic moments in time since 1985. Ricky has definitely been an inspiration to me and everything I create. His organic interactions are evident and his photographs are timeless. The stories behind his photographs are just as classic as his images—like the story about shooting Cindy Crawford in the bathroom of a job he had years back. Rocking out to a Soul Station on his AM/PM radio, I’m not sure if Ricky is even aware of his legendary status in the year 2013. He can definitely be considered a historian of urban culture and is working hard to support future legends on the come up. He seems to not like “those sneakers with the wings,” and thinks “Citi Bikes are for tourists, cornballs, and jerkoffs,” but you can still get a glimpse of what he does like via his weekly column Leave The Guns, Bring The Cannolis on FRANK151. Also look out for future group shows curated by Ricky Powell. Salute to the OG and shout-out to the invisible jazz cigarette.

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By Phil V for Frank151.

FRANK’s newest regular contributor is Phil V, a Brooklynite armed with a series of polaroids he shoots throughout NYC. Phil’s subjects range from rappers to big-name artists, to the streets of New York themselves. His organic interactions, which he’s titled Streets is Watching, will give you a peek into the behind-the-scenes lives of the many interesting people who reside in the Big Apple.

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