G Fella has just released his new single “Got A Guy” on iTunes. G Fella has been getting a lot of attention lately with his reality show “G Thing”.

Born in the Bronx and raised in Ardsley, rapper Robert “G-Fella” Scalere brings his tight-knit Italian-American family with him on a journey up the entertainment world ladder,Incorporating family and friends as business partners and a support system, G-Fella said he hopes “G-Thing” will draw fans into his quest to build an independent record label, Tracketeering Music, while giving him needed exposure.

G-Fella told The Journal News that the reality show “is a launching pad for me, to finally get my music and what I’m doing on a bigger level. I’m really hoping (people) watch and give it a shot…there’s something in it for everyone to love and laugh at and cry with.”

“G-Thing” features a cast of G-Fella’s crew members with big personalities in their own right. There’s Justin “Suits” Cartisano, his music producer and owner of Per Voi II restaurant in Port Chester; manager, Mike “Success” Rodriguez; G-Fella’s dad Bobby Sawdust, a veteran in trucking business; Sawdust’s longtime friend, Frankie Psycho; and Johnny Thurzday, Frankie Psycho’s son.
G Fella promises the show will be unpredictable and entertaining.

G Fella - GThing

The “boys” move from a celebration at the annual Feast of St. Anthony in the Bronx, to plane rentals at the airport to numerous dinners.
After moving to Ardsley as a child and growing up a suburban kid, G-Fella started his music career as a DJ. He started a hip-hop group called Confidential that was featured on the movie soundtracks for “Romeo Must Die,” “Brown Sugar” and “Bringing Down the House.”

G-Fella suffered through a failed record deal before launching his own label and opening a studio in his Ardsley home. His wife, makeup artist Laura Melissa, and their two young children are part of the “G-Thing” thing.

And G-Fella’s greatest inspiration is his mother, who died 10 years ago after battling cancer. Scalere said she was his biggest fan.

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