Necro just dropped a new video featuring the legend DMC and Emilush & Caustic on the hook. If I’m not mistaken the Swedish duo Emilush & Caustic put together this collabo, so I’ll assume the song will be on an upcoming album of theirs.

Necro is currently putting the finishing touches on his collaborative effort with Kool G Rap, another legend in the rap game. The duo is called The Godfathers and their full length album “Once Upon A Crime” is slated to drop November 19th 2013. So be on the lookout..

Check out the DMC x Necro video:

Necro x DMC Video credits:

Filmed on location in Times Square, New York City & Sweden
Directed & Edited by Necro, Emilush & Caustic
Camera work by Smooth Cam Productions
Beat Produced by Nicseb
Lyrics Written by DMC, Necro, Emilush & Caustic
Mixed & Engineered by Elliott Thomas & Steve Corrao (Sage Audio)
Graphics: Gabriel Silveira & Emilush

Video art:
Necro x DMC - Murda Y'all

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