We’re excited to drop the new track “God Bless” from Vinnie Paz’s upcoming EP, “Carry on Tradition,” available digitally on October 29th, 2013 and on special-edition vinyl on November 19th. “God Bless” produced by Mikey Bingo.

You can pre-order “Carry On Tradition” on iTunes now and buy the “God Bless” single or pre-order a “Carry On Tradition” bundle with t-shirt/hoodie, poster, and stickers directly through our online store atwww.merchdirect.com/jedimindtricks.

“Carry On Tradition” cover art:

Vinnie Paz - God Bless

Vinnie Paz “Carry On Tradition” Tracklist

1. God Bless
2. The Devil’s Ransom featuring Jarren Benton & Lawrence Arnell
3. No More Games featuring Chris Rivers & Spit Gemz
4. Envy The Dead featuring Scott Stallone
5. Bleed For Me featuring ZILLA, Sino & Blacastan
6. In the Middle Of Nowhere featuring Lawrence Arnell, Slaine & Rite Hook
7. Innermost Hate featuring G-Mo Skee
8. Is Happiness Just A Word? featuring Yes Alexander

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