Madchild and Slaine are partnering on the forthcoming Supreme Villain group album, one of the first projects from the relaunch of Battle Axe Records.

Madchild and Slaine have teamed to form the group Supreme Villain. The duo’s new partnership also serves as one of the first projects for the relaunch of Battle Axe Records, the imprint that served as the recording home for Swollen Members and that has also released projects from Evidence, Son Doobie and others.

“We will probably put out a Swollen Members album first to launch Battle Axe Records,” Madchild says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “But supreme Villains will be the second release and will be a top priority.”

Slaine says that his partnership with Madchild for Supreme Villain was a necessary step for him at this point in his musical career.

“When you’re an artist, there are times when you feel isolated and there are times when you wanna be around other artists, too,” Slaine says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “Sometimes when working with another artist, it can sometimes rejuvenate your creativity and make you look at things from a different angle. This project is something I need in this moment in time to move forward.”

Madchild & Slaine

Madchild And Slaine Met At KOTD

Madchild and Slaine met at KOTD in August 2011. Madchild was there to battle Dirtbag Dan, but he also formed a quick bond with Slaine, who had released acclaimed material with Special Teamz and La Coka Nostra and as a solo artist.

“When I spoke with him, I knew he was a dude who was on a mission, someone who was in the middle of changing his life and someone who is going through the same thing as myself,” Slaine says. “We had a heart-to-heart and we became friends instantly. A year later, we went on tour with La Coka Nostra and Swollen Members. Not only did I see how amazing of a MC he was, but it solidified how great of a person he is. I think it was apparent that we are like-minded, not only in our musical approach but in our life experience.”

In addition to the similarities they shared as people, Madchild says that he was also excited to develop a relationship with an artist he admired.

“Slaine is simply one of my favorite MCs on the planet,” Madchild says. “I feel that I’m a snob when it comes to lyrics and I pay attention to the complexity of any MC lyrics and what they want to get across. Slaine is a 10 to me in both those categories. I had the honor of going on tour with Slaine when Swollen Members went on tour with La Coca Nostra. We had a chance to get to know each other and become friends. Slaine’s personality is larger than life. I told myself at this point in life that I wasn’t interested in making any new friends, but Slaine was an exception to the rule. I not only plan on having a group with Slaine, but plan on being friends with him for life.”

Madchild And Slaine Draw Inspiration From One Another

Madchild has delivered several story-driven songs throughout his career, including 2012’s “Wake Up,” in which he details his drug addiction. Madchild says that Slaine’s story-driven material with Special Teamz, La Coka Nostra and as a solo artist is something that appeals to him.

“Slaine is a very good storyteller,” he says. “I’ve steered away from that in the past, ’cause it comes very easily and naturally to me. I like to challenge myself with lyrical word play, so that’s what I focus on the most. I’ve realized now that telling stories and talking about things that happened in my past is something that my fans will appreciate. I plan on doing this more with Supreme Villain. Slaine, to me, is one of the best story tellers in the MC game. I will learn from him and pick up form him in this style and I feel it will help bring my A game when it comes to storytelling.”

For his part, Slaine says that he plans to incorporate Madchild’s ability to present his lifestyle to his fans into his own brand.

“I feel Madchild matches up very well with who he is his visually,” Slaine says. “That doesn’t come so natural to me. His style is very much his own and unique to Hip Hop. I think that’s what makes people in Hip Hop great. I’ve had the opportunity to work with legends, people who are great at what they do and that’s the only thing I’m interested in being involved with.”

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