Skarhead toured Europe back in 2002 with an allstar line up consisting of (ex) members from Madball, Crown Of Thornz, District 9, Hatebreed. We have found this full live set from their show in my homeland, The Netherlands.

Check out 10 songs of pure NYHC, and of course the always amusing on stage banter of Lord Ezec and Puerto Rican Myke, after the jump:

Skarhead Line Up:

Vocals – Lord Ezec aka Danny Diablo (Crown Of Thornz, Shotblockers, KAOS 13), Vocals – PR Myke aka D9 (District 9), Guitar – Mitts (Madball, Rag Men), Bass – Hoya Roc (Madball, DMIZE), Drums – Riggs (Hatebreed, Crown Of Thornz) & on the Turntables – DJ COS.

Hip Hop influences

I wasn’t at this particular show in Nijmegen, I saw them play about two weeks later at a place called Burgersweeshuis in Deventer. I remember they had just released the “Skarhead 2001: A Thug Odyssey” and it went in a more hip hop direction. This was kinda unheard of back then but as I loved both genres anyway I loved the demo.. I could’ve sworn they played “31-40” and “NY Crime” at the Deventer show, but since they aren’t playing those songs in the set seen here maybe my mind’s playing tricks on me.

Another surprising element was the addition of a DJ to the line-up. As you can see in the video he really doesn’t do much more than play hip hop songs inbetween the songs.. A lot of people didn’t really like it, or were just confused about the whole thing. In my eyes it was just nice little bonus, and it added to the hip hop flavor of the band..

Skip ahead 11 years and the band is still active. With Lord Ezec aka Danny Diablo remaining as the key member, they went back to a more straight forward hardcore style, displayed in their 2011 effort “Drugs Music Sex”.

Support the band by copping some of their music @ iTunes..

Skarhead 2012:

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