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The Transplants post brandnew track “In A Warzone”!

The Transplants post brandnew track “In A Warzone”! What a great day! New video from Danny Diablo. Rancid, The Transplants & Crown Of Thornz doing a summer tour and to top it off a brandnew The Transplants track!!

Travis Barker, Skinhead Rob and Tim Armstrong go for a more hardcore / Disfear-esque vibe on this song… Curious to hear what their new album’s gonna sound like…!

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Ballbustaz TV Ep 2: Travis Barker, Toby Morse, David Labrava (SOA) & more

Ballbustaz TV are back with their second episode. This time around they talk with Travis Barker, Toby Morse & H.R. Exclusive performances by H2O (feat Travis Barker on drums!) and The Bad Brains. Episode 2 has cameo’s from David Labrava (Sons Of Anarchy), Skinhead Rob (The Transplants) and Scott Vogel (Terror).

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Travis Barker & Yelawolf’s “Psycho White” Artwork and Tracklisting

The unlikely pairing of Yelawolf and Travis Barker revealed the tracklisting a few weeks ago and today decided to share the Psycho White EP‘s artwork, designed by Franco Vescovi. There’s a short making of clip that shows how the cover was made as well. However, fans will have to wait about two months (November 13) before we get the project. Could Trunk Muzik 2 be coming up in between the long gap?

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