Ballbustaz TV are back with their second episode. This time around they talk with Travis Barker, Toby Morse & H.R. Exclusive performances by H2O (feat Travis Barker on drums!) and The Bad Brains. Episode 2 has cameo’s from David Labrava (Sons Of Anarchy), Skinhead Rob (The Transplants) and Scott Vogel (Terror).

Check out the video below:

Ballbustaz’ first episode had interviews & performances from Graffiti legends Seen & Risky, DJ Lethal (House Of Pain, Limp Bizkit), David Arquette, Corin Nemec, J-Dog (Hollywoon Undead), Danny Diablo (Skarhead, Crown Of Thornz, ILL ROC Records), The L.A. Breakers and “Storm” (straight from the comic books). Check it out here.

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