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District 9 / Puerto Rican Myke Interview

District 9 recently dropped a new EP called “SouthBronxMemoirs” after almost 4 years of silence. This classic New York Hardcore band hailing from the Bronx decided to re-record 3 songs and add an unreleased track in the process… With a huge show coming up at the BNB Bowl it seems District 9 is back on track. We caught up with D9 frontman Puerto Rican Myke to talk about the past and future of District 9 as well as his stint in Skarhead. He also opens up about some of his personal demons in this insightful interview..


TWS: What made you guys decide to pick things up again?
PR MYKE: First and foremost I want to say “what up” to all the HARDCORE/HIP HOP kids around the world. Well, pretty much D9 played shows here and there, shuffled around a slew of musicians throughout the years & pretty much called it quits about 4 years ago. About a year and a half ago JOE HARDCORE got in touch with me and asked is D9 was interested in playing This Is Hardcore Fest in august of 2011. In a nutshell, the lineup for that show & the response we got let us know that we COULDN’T put a good thing to rest…

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District 9 – “The Letter” Exclusive Stream

District 9 have got some busy times ahead of them. They are releasing their new 7″ “SouthBronxMemoirs” this weekend AND they are playing the annual Black N Blue Bowl in New York City. We are proud to bring you this first listen of their previously unreleased track “The Letter” taken from the aforementioned “SouthBronxMemoirs” 7″. District 9 singer Puerto Rican Myke was also present at this weeks Black N Blue radio episode to drop some info about all things D9.

Pre-order your copy of District 9’s “SouthBronxMemoirs” at Countdown Records. They did a great job on this limited edition piece (only 300 pressed, they’re already halfway sold, so hurry) and also offer a package deal with a great Countdown Nation shirt. Without further ado here’s the stream of District 9’s new track “The Letter”. Check out the piece after the jump for more info on D9 and PR Myke..

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