District 9 have got some busy times ahead of them. They are releasing their new 7″ “SouthBronxMemoirs” this weekend AND they are playing the annual Black N Blue Bowl in New York City. We are proud to bring you this first listen of their previously unreleased track “The Letter” taken from the aforementioned “SouthBronxMemoirs” 7″. District 9 singer Puerto Rican Myke was also present at this weeks Black N Blue radio episode to drop some info about all things D9.

Pre-order your copy of District 9’s “SouthBronxMemoirs” at Countdown Records. They did a great job on this limited edition piece (only 300 pressed, they’re already halfway sold, so hurry) and also offer a package deal with a great Countdown Nation shirt. Without further ado here’s the stream of District 9’s new track “The Letter”. Check out the piece after the jump for more info on D9 and PR Myke..

We recently sat down with District 9 singer Puerto Rican Myke and talked about a number of things, including, of course, District 9, his stint in Skarhead & much more..

Some excerpts from the District 9 interview:

TWS: Are there plans to record any new District 9 songs?
PR MYKE: District 9 does intend to record new material, we in fact want to do a whole album with all NEW tracks… We are currently working on new material.. so expect to hear some dope Shit SOON… –

TWS: You did a few tours and recordings w/ Skarhead. In my opinion the “2001 Demo” (w/ New York Crime, 31-40, and We Love Pussy”) was one of the best things you guys did. A bit more crossover than the older more hardcore orientated stuff… Felt to me like you guys could’ve blowed up back then… What do you think happened?
PR MYKE: That demo opened the doors for a lot of shit that’s going on now…. I guess we didn’t pay much mind to it, and the songs were rarely played live, but that demo includes a lot of the classic 31-40′ish style of hardcore that we were working on…. That demo was all Ezec’s train of thought & he and I collaborated great together….. back then I don’t think people were ready for one of their favorite hardcore bands to go that route, but 12 years later, they go hand in hand now within the scene …… REAL HARDCORE/ REAL HIP HOP/ REAL RECOGNIZES REAL….. SKARHEAD 2001 A Thug Odyssey…. proud to be a part of it…

TWS: Also on your Facebook you made a few comments on getting clean and staying clean… How bad did it get, and how long have you been clean for now?
PR MYKE: my addiction with cocaine and other narcotics beside the drinking got the best of a nigga.. Sniffin coke poppin pills snorting pills smoking crack basically anything that can get me where I wanted to be which was numb, I would do.. I wanted to forget daily struggles and deaths of family and friends…. I wanted to forget so bad that I wanted to die… day in day out drugs and alcohol consumed me, I hit rock bottom and still tried to go deeper, I overdosed about 3 years ago and still left the hospital and hit the spot for another package… Bad times… I’m fuckin glad to say that with my will, and the push I needed from my girl, I’ve been clean 8 months now & don’t intend to go back….. It was a dark time in my life & it scared the shit out of me, but I’m on the right track now.

Read the full interview here: http://www.thewildstyles.com/district-9-puerto-rican-myke-interview/

To listen to this week’s episode of Black N Blue radio hit up: www.evr.com.

District 9 at Black N Blue Radio

District 9 at Black N Blue Radio

District 9 at Black N Blue Radio

District 9 at Black N Blue Radio

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