Auni interview; Graffiti on the streets of Brazil

I seek good things where everyone sees sadness and bad conditions. I do not give up

Auni is a up- and coming young street artist hailing from Brazil. Skam Dust did a quick interview with her to find out more about this talented artist… For more info and pictures go to her instagram here, or her Facebook. Skam Dust – So AUNI it’s a pleasure doing this interview with you, it’s… Read More

ApRock Joining Forces With The Snowgoons DJs

As the Snowgoons, Grim Reaperz, Soulbrotha, Morlockko Plus, Crazeology, White Shadow, ScarcityBP, Kyo Itachi, Soulslicers… have proven, it’s become common practice for European beat makers to produce their tracks with well respected international MCs. The internet, social networks and it`s new forms of communication made the worldwide musical exchange much easier, and a globally connected… Read More

Damian Burnz Interview