Touch The Icon Bio: At a very early age Los Angeles native Touch became the self appointed photographer in his neighborhood. Using only disposable cameras at the time, “It’s the only thing we could afford and they were also easy to steal” says Touch, he photographed every backyard bbq, house party, and even began making his homeboys pose for photographs. The Gang culture was a part of his every day life and this was clearly depicted in all of his photographs.

Seeking to advance his knowledge of photography Touch attended a local junior College where his professor quickly to a liking to his work. Every assignment was saturated with Fellow Gang Members and Street Culture, his work was raw and shocking to the entire class. After learning basic techniques and photography principles on a rental camera Touch dropped out of school and returned to the Streets. With a new understanding of his hobby Touch began setting up photo shoots with his homeboys/homegirls and photographed every car show and local hip hop event.

In 1998 Touch submitted some of his work to a Media Group that was covering every major event and hip hop concert in Southern California. They quickly invited Touch to join the team and sent him on his first assignment to photograph a Cypress Hill & Psycho Realm Concert. After viewing some of the photographs online Sick Jacken from the Psycho Realm contacted the Media Group and requested copies of the pictures and to meet the photographer himself. An avid Psycho Realm fan Touch was overwhelmed by Jacken’s request and they met later that evening. That meeting gave Touch the inspiration he was searching for to press forward with his career as a photographer. A few months later Touch launched which became the first and most iconic Urban Photography websites ever!!!

A small selection of Touch The Icon’s work:

Touch had now given birth to a new style of photography now recognized as “Urban Photography”. He was quickly sought out after by Rappers, Models, and Clothing Companies for promotional work. Photography quickly opened many doors for Touch and he later worked with legends such as KRS-ONE and even crossed over into the Hardcore world working with Lord Ezec. His portfolio currently boast over 100 Photo Shoots and even includes a TIME Magazine feature. Touch has now traveled the world and supported his family of 6 using an art form that he unknowingly helped create.

Urban Photography has now lead Touch towards his latest business venture, Hip Hop Jewelry. “I’ve been making people shine for so many years on camera, now I’m doing it off camera as well”, says Touch. Still working with major players in the industry, Touch can now Ice you up then photograph your new shine! “Get Yo Shine Right!” says Touch.

Visit to check out his new jewelry line.

More info:
Twitter: @TouchTheIcon
Instagram: @TouchTheIcon

Get Your Shine Right

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