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Still Proud Sons Of Tyranny collection released

Florida based independent clothing brand Still Proud have just released their winter 2013 collection. Entitled “Sons Of Tyranny” this collection finds Still Proud branching into a more diverse line of products, with items such as a ski-mask, winter gloves and an 5-panel. All the while remainig true to their roots with ever strong imagery and… Read More

Still Proud Spring 2013 Launch Recap & Lookbook

Still Proud recently dropped another great collection of streetwear items! Still Proud owner Gavin words about his spring drop: “The great juggernaut of our Spring release has been unearthed. Over the weekend, I went toe to toe with 304 shirts, 39 windbreakers & 24 caps all in preparation for a photo-shoot that Sunday. Talk about grinding. Everything went to plan surprisingly, but there’s still a lot more work to be done in preparation for the launch so the fat lady is just warming up.

It only took me 2 boxes in to realize that this is my favorite release yet! I know that I say this every time but when you guys see it, you’ll understand why. It’s our most complete release to date & the name of the game for this year is progression, so remember those words!”

Check out some pictures from the Still Proud – Occupy Minds lookbook:

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Still Proud drops “Defiant Hearts” summer collection

Still Proud been going strong the last couple of years. This Tampa based clothing line has firm roots in the hardcore scene. Still Proud uses strong & bold statements like “Refuse. Resist. Empower”, “Defiant Hearts”, “In Self We Trust” & “Our Way” this brand is all about believing in yourself and defying those that don’t believe in you. Their summer 2012 line just dropped and has dope snapbacks, t-shirts, pins, and baseball shirts.

Check out the lookbook right here, and then head over to their Karmaloop-Kazbah page to snatch up these dope new items!

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