Still Proud is an hardcore influenced underground brand that has been grinding since 2009.
They recently caught a big break when they were accepted to sell on Karmaloop’s Kazbah site.

Here are a few examples of what’s available from Still Proud (click images to see full line):

Here’s what Still Proud founder & owner Gavin had to say about it:
“After working on this for the last year I’m absolutely stoked to announce that you can now find Still Proud on Karmaloop Kazbah. For those not in the know, Karmaloop is the largest online streetwear retailer featuring the biggest names in the industry (Crooks & Castles, Rebel Eight, Diamond Supply, 10 Deep, Black Scale, Benny Gold etc.). The Karmaloop Kazbah store on the other hand houses some of the largest emerging indie brands and is where the MVMT will be stationed.

My interest in the site really peaked last year when I finally decided “what the hell,” I’ll apply. As fate would have it I was initially denied yet encouraged to keep submitting line-sheets and such to the management team. About two months later, the day I came out with the Path Least Traveled gear I was contacted by one of the kloop team as they had seen the drop and wanted to peep some samples which would hopefully get me on the site. So I shot the product off only to be denied once more. If there’s one crucial character trait that I hold though, it’s persistence. At about that time a friend had convinced me to come out to the Magic tradeshow for the experience as well as the opportunity to meet some of the kloop heads. That alone was enough for me so I packed up some gear and hit up the show. The show was dope and an eye opener. I was able to meet the director of both Karmaloop and Karmaloop Kazbah which at the very least was nice to put a name to a face. After the show I returned to the daily grind to put the finishing touches on our Dissent collection. After printing the line I skipped the line-sheet submission and shot the physical product straight over (bc I could only imagine how many line-sheets they get a day).  After a couple weeks and some follow up, I was thrilled when I found the email and ppwk stating “Welcome To Kazbah!”

Now what does this mean for SP and you? For SP, this is a chance to grow and expand pure and simple. Up to this point it’s only been word of mouth, sponsorship’s and the few retailers we have, that have been keeping this ship afloat. With the potential exposure that Kazbah could bring in, this could mean some big things for us! Remember all of the mentions of reprints over the last few years that I haven’t been able to put out?  Well, this news definitely lit a fire under my ass to finally re-release some oldies. In addition to some re-releases, keep an eye out for some special releases (3 year anniversary collection) peppered between our Summer and Fall drops. I’ve invested 3 years of my life into this project folks, and mark my words, 2012 will be the breakthrough year for Still Proud! Presently available on Kazbah is some of our remaining Winter pieces as we ready Spring to print (dropping next month). Check out our store here and please please please SPREAD THE WORD!”

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