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Necro x DMC “Murda Y’all” Video ft Emilush & Caustic

Necro just dropped a new video featuring the legend DMC and Emilush & Caustic on the hook. If I’m not mistaken the Swedish duo Emilush & Caustic put together this collabo, so I’ll assume the song will be on an upcoming album of theirs.

Necro is currently putting the finishing touches on his collaborative effort with Kool G Rap, another legend in the rap game. The duo is called The Godfathers and their full length album “Once Upon A Crime” is slated to drop November 19th 2013. So be on the lookout..

Check out the DMC x Necro video:
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Necro drops video & announces dvd “The Necro Files”

Necro just dropped another brandnew video for the track “Schizophrenia” off of his latest Double EP “Murder Murder Kill Kill“. And as always Necro comes with some crazy visuals to accompany the track.

In other news Necro just announced that he will be dropping a dvd called “The Necro Files” featuring all of his videos (Toxsik Waltz, Jewish Gangsters, I Need Drugs, Who’s Ya Daddy, The Prefix For Death, Schizophrenia, Rock The Kazbag, The Human Traffic King, White Slavery, I Wanna Fuck, both versions of Die!, both versions of The Kink Panther, Creepy Crawl, Mutilate The Beat, No Concern, Sorcerer Of Death’s Construction & the long awaited Empowered video, as well as the yet to be released Gore! and Howard Stern videos), him rapping at the age of 16 in a cipher in Bedstuy, a live acapella show from when he was 16, and much much more material that’s getting digged up out of the vaults as we speak.

The artwork’s gonna be done by the same artist that did the Die! cover.

Musically the focus is on completing The Godfathers Project with Kool G Rap. Necro: “This was and is not a project to be rushed. We have so much done & the entire foundation is laid down now – but this record is real dear to my heart so it’s more important that it is right then just be rushed out for consumption. So next focus is to bang it out 100%. The first video is being worked on by the same guys that did “Toxsik Waltz”, and Kool G Rap and I agreed to shoot some dope video clips for the album, so you can expect some real dark crime street gritty visuals to go along with this Godfathers project”.

Check out the new “Schizophrenia” video right here:
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