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Mickey Kreeps – Design, Graff & Booze – Artist Profile – Updated with 2013 work!

Mickey Kreeps has been an artist for over 15 years. 100% Self taught and accomplished, he works for a wide array of brands such as Sullen, Pitchfork NY Hardwear, Firme & Pride Clothing. He specialises in kustom lettering, tattooing, fine art, illustration, graffiti, wood carvings & sculpture. Living a D.I.Y way of life, Anarchist thoughts,… Read More

Jase34 – Alexander Lohr (I Love My Hood)

Check out these great designs & canvasses from my man Alexander a.k.a. Jase34. Besides owning and operating I Love My Hood clothing he’s also a professional designer & painter. He recently had an succesful expo called “I LOVE MY HOOD TO THE GRAVE” @ Fish & Chips in Antwerp / Belgium.

You can buy some of his canvasses for sale on his site and at Real Recognizes Real. Well worth the $$$.

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