Check out these great designs & canvasses from my man Alexander a.k.a. Jase34. Besides owning and operating I Love My Hood clothing he’s also a professional designer & painter. He recently had an succesful expo called “I LOVE MY HOOD TO THE GRAVE” @ Fish & Chips in Antwerp / Belgium.

You can buy some of his canvasses for sale on his site and at Real Recognizes Real. Well worth the $$$.

If you’re interested in getting a design for your band, clothing line etc make sure to contact Al through Jase 34.

I do what I do because I love it. Not because I have to do it but rather passionate about doing (Street)Arts & Design in any way – for me, for my label, for the projects I´m involved, for customers, for urban culture, for the streets…because it´s all about dedication and satisfaction!

Jase34 Paintings:

Various Work:

CD Covers:

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