Pitchfork NY Hardwear have just dropped their “Decade Of Hard Times” line, celebrating 10 years of business.

This release consists of t-shirts, hoodies, snapbacks, parka’s, vests, iphone cases and even an old school dufflebag! “Decade Of Hard Times” is definitely one of their dopest collections to date.

Check out some previews in the gallery beneath, then head over to their shop to purchase your Pitchfork NY gear.

About Pitchfork NY:
In 2003, three longtime friends, Mike, LD, and Warren, were thinking about putting together a business that not only reflected their camaraderie, but also their passion for music and the lifestyle that runs in synchronicity with it. These New York natives decided to start a clothing line that represents both their stylistic and artistic interests and, like a mirror, would reflect what was happening within the scene today.

What they came up with was Pitchfork New York Hardwear– one of the fastest growing clothing lines affiliated with underground culture.

As Pitchfork continues to evolve, look for the company to remain firmly entrenched in the roots of its inspiration in the first place: underground music—a sure sign that these trend setters are focused on authenticity.

Pitchfork was started with $300 and is now recognized worldwide. From Hip Hop thugs to Metalheads to Punks, there is gear for everyone.

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