New NYHC ‘all star’ band Manipulate NYHC have teamed up with clothing brand Ninth Inning to collaborate on some gear. Here’s what Ninth Inning’s Mark Champion had to say about it: “Our collaboration with Manipulate is coming this winter. We’re beyond stoked to team up with these guys on an original & awesome project that we all stand behind. East coast friends, be sure to catch Manipulate live as they continue to carry on the NYHC tradition. I want to thank not just Buske, but the rest of the band for rocking with the 9 & supporting what it is we’re doing in Texas.”.

Ninth Inning have posted a nice interview with Manipulate NYHC bass player Buske (ex Another Victim, Santa Sangre, The Promise, Rag Men, Terror, Maximum Penalty), check it out down below…

Two teasers of the upcoming collabo:

Manipulate NYHC x Ninth Inning

Manipulate NYHC x Ninth Inning

The Manipulate NYHC interview:

Black & Blue in the Ninth.

Ninth Inning is collaborating with Manipulate NYHC. Yes, the Do or Die Crew is stepping up to the plate with New York Hardcore. Am I excited? Excited doesn’t begin to scratch the surface, I’m on cloud 9 (no pun intended). The thought of working hand in hand with the scene you grew up idolizing is the real excitement. In high school, I had my iPod loaded with the likes of Bad Brains, Leeway, Raw Deal, Madball & Skarhead. So with Ninth Inning jumping off this year, I had little to no thought the 9 would reach the east coast so quickly, little alone the state of New York Hardcore.

Manipulate NYHC

One person that caught wind of us was Jonathan Buske. A New York native, Buske has played in countless bands, stays busy as a graphic designer & stands as a pillar in the “NYHC” scene. A new band in that very scene is Manipulate. Buske, along with other talented well known musicians, comprise the fresh young band. Manipulate holds a hard hitting vibe full of heavy riffs, gritty vocals & fast paced melodies. It packs a stiff punch along with a swift kick to the gut. The band’s tunes are hard as nails & we’re pleased to be working with the guys on this joint. We had the chance to chop it up with Buske about whats going on & whats next. Check it out.

MC: For those that aren’t familiar with who you are, please introduce yourself, some of the bands you’ve been apart of over the years & what you’re currently engaged in.
Buske: Jonathan Buske DNA DMS, Planet Earth. Residing in Long Island by way of Syracuse. I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of Another Victim, Santa Sangre, The Promise, Rag Men, Terror, Maximum Penalty and my most recent band, Manipulate.

MC: Manipulate has an awesome fast paced aggressiveness to it, tell us how the band came about.
Buske: The band was initially sparked with Corey moving from LA to Long Island. He spoke with Iván about starting a band and at the same time Ricky and I had been working on something together, so it just so ended up we both needed those missing pieces to form a complete band. Corey had the exact same train of thought that Ricky and I had going, so it was a perfect pairing at the perfect time.

Manipulate NYHC

MC: Out of all bands you’ve had the pleasure of being apart of over the years, can you think of the most memorable moment you’ve had? That one moment that just sticks out & you’ll never forget.
Buske: Each band had it’s proper moment in time and with each band there are proper memories that fit that moment in time. However, I think my time in Terror stands apart most from all the previous bands and I’m sure they would agree haha.

MC: Have you ever played Texas?
Buske: I have played Texas numerous times and it’s always been one of a few places that when you see it on the tour routing, you have something to look forward to. Amazing food, amazing shows, great people and great fucking local bands. I’ve got mad love for the Texas music scene, always have… I just wish it wasn’t so god damn HOT down there.

MC: What are some of your favorite Texas Hardcore bands, past & present?
Buske: There’s always the staple DRI and Big Boys for the older bands, but my familiarity is more based in the present starting with Iron Age, Bitter End, Power Trip, Degenerate, Mammoth Grinder, Blunt Force Trauma and of course Pantera. Texas always has a great crop of band, those are some my personal favorites.

MC: I grew up idolizing & jamming tons of NYHC. My first 7” was “Skins Brains & Guts” by 7 Seconds. For you growing up and getting into the scene, what were some of the bands that really had an impact on you in general?
Buske: Great 7”, one of my firsts too. The first tape I ever owned was a dubbed copy of the Breakdown 1987 demo with Raw Power “Screams From The Gutter” record on the other side. It blew my mind and that led to finding out about 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, Reagan Youth, Subhumans, Uniform Choice and so many more. But, like you, it was the NYHC bands that I really took to most — Agnostic Front, The Icemen, Outburst, Sheer Terror, Rest In Pieces, Carnivore, Warzone. The list goes on forever.

MC: If you could have Manipulate on a bill with two other bands, somewhat like a “dream show”, who would those other two bands be?
Buske: The 1986 versions of Agnostic Front and Cro-Mags. Brutal.

MC: You’re a part of a very well respected & established faction. Tell us about some of the things BNB Productions is doing these days.
Buske: Thank you for the recognition, respect. BNB goes far beyond NYC these days. We have production in Upstate NY, New Jersey, California, Colorado and many other states. We’re just trying to give back the same way things were given to us. No fantasies, no bullshit… just real people doing real things. As for the NYC unit, we’re doing our share of shows for touring bands and of course, always focusing highly on the annual Black N Blue Bowl which is nearing it’s 9th (sold out) year.

Black N Blue Bowl 2013 Poster

MC: Personally, tell me about Judge. You guys basically resurrected them in May for BNB Bowl for the first time in quite some time. A killer performance, you had to be stoked. How did all this come about?
Buske: Yeah, man… it was and still is surreal at times. I grew up hanging on to every word that Mike Judge said and was/is of course a huge fan of the band musically as well. I was like every other HC kid, I was dying for a reunion too because I blew the 1 chance I had to see them when they were still active but I didn’t want it to be like so many other reunions and just fall short of expectations. I held (and still do hold) the band in very high regards. When we had Mike on the radio show the first time (his “retirement come back”, if you will), I knew that it was only a matter of time until he’d be back on stage. He’s too real NOT to be on stage. That dude is one of the most sincere people I have ever met in my many years of involvement. He’s as genuine as it comes and I’m beyond excited that he’s made his presence and voice heard again.

MC: Did you grow up a baseball fan?
Buske: Can’t say that I did, or that I am. I tried a few years back, went to a bunch of games with my man Grez, I’m just not the guy that cares about sports.

MC: I’ll be spending Christmas in New York with my gal. I’m hoping BNB Radio will be broadcasting while I’m there. Anything specific I need to check out? (Historic, food, stores)
Buske: As long as the airwaves can handle the madness, we will be on them! There are a million and one things to do in New York City, or so I heard. I try to stay clear of that madness as much as I can. If you want to site see on a couch in front of the fire, get at me haha.

MC: Ninth Inning is fixing to celebrate our first year in production. How’d you hear about us & what’s you’re take on the brand?
Buske: You’ve done a fine job your virgin year and I’m eager to see what year 2 brings. I’m also very honored to have teamed up with you on this Manipulate NYHC X Ninth Inning collaboration we are doing. Putting your faith in a young band like ours means a lot and we’re excited to help push your name in the process as well.

MC: Buske, thank you OG. I appreciate you taking the time out for the 9. It means the world. Anyone you want to shout out?
Buske: I appreciate you giving me the time. Shout out to all branches of my family tree.

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