La Melodia just dropped their new song & video called “Spaced Out”. Sadly this will also be their very last song & video ever cause they have since decided to part ways due to musical differences.

Here’s the official press release for the video:

Yess it took a while but here it is…. after months of hard work done by all the people involved in this video, it is now finally finished! We are hereby very proud to present you the amazing result: Our brand new song & video “Spaced Out” !

We would like to thank everybody who helped us create & realise this amazing video! Special thanks to Judith Veenendaal , Fabian Litjens & Lomography for making this happen. Shoutout to our friends at Okayplayer who premiered this video today.


“Spaced Out” official video from La Melodia –

A film by Judith Veenendaal –
A collaboration with &

La Melodia is MC Melodee & Producer/DJ I.N.T.

Direction: Judith Veenendaal
Producer: Fabian Litjens
DOP: Odin Pepper
Camera Assistent: Joris Bulstra
1st Ad: Hidde Koppen
Gaffer: Jur Oster
Art Direction: Esmee Thomassen & Kim Verduijn
Styling: Fleur Feringa
Hair & Make Up: Milena Prieto
PA: Youssef Oul-Hadj
PA: Sacha Nichting
Set Photography: Justine Leenarts
Editor: Erik Verhulst
Grading: Rachel Stone – The Ambassadors
SFX: The Ambassadors & Dave de Vaal
Sound: INT & Riad Abdel-NabiSpecial Thanks: The Ambassadors, Lomography, Post Office, Van der Tone, Laimböck, TOV Essentials, Clarks Originals, Japan Rags, Goosecraft, Scapa, Fashionology, Irene Heldens, Maartje Dijkstra, Daisy Kroon, Gestuz, Hartog & Henneman, Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek, Iris van Herpen X United Nude, Cravatta Pelliano, New Yorker, Edith & Ella, Marc’O Polo, Liu Jo, Okayplayer.

Also follow us on twitter @lamelodia @mcmelodee @intworldwide

Update; more words on the split of La Melodia:
Also, arriving back home made us realize that our quest hasn’t come to an end yet, but it just made us hungry and curious about more… Therefor we decided to take it to a next level and to take it into OUTERSPACE!  And thus with pain in our hearts, but also with enthusiasm and lots of positive expectations about the future, we now have to tell you that this will be the last thing you will hear from La Melodia on planet earth. After 8 years of hard work, lots of LOVE, dedication, international releases & performances and above all straight up FEELGOODMUSIC from the hearts of that soulful hiphop duo from the south of Holland, we need to look further right now and set up new projects on an extraterrestrial level…

Of course we wouldn’t leave you guys behind empty handed. We love you too much for that. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your LOVE & SUPPORT ! The fact that you played our music & cheered us on during shows, on the radio, tv and online. For all the times we laughed & cried together. For all the opportunities we had to perform in your cities & for letting you in on your speakers. We feel all that and we take it with us in a grateful way. We are truly blessed to be able to spread our feelgoodvibes all across the globe.. Thank you so much for that!

For now we leave you behind with a NEW, AMAZING LA MELODIA SONG & VIDEO called “SPACED OUT” . Of course we will still be making new music & giving you updates via our social media pages. Also you can follow our new projects on twitter: @lamelodia @mcmelodee @intworldwide & via the links below. So, there you go..This is goodbye for now. But don’t forget: we will always continue to make new music. And our music will always live on & you guys will always be in our hearts everywhere we go. Into outerspace it is right now..SALUTE!

Signing of with much love,


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