Legendary hip-hop producer DJ Muggs returns today with a new EP. The Cypress Hill member/Soul Assassins leader brings us Sound Clash Business, a five-song record with some major guests.

The Soul Assassin is here and he’s about to burn shit to the ground. Get right down to business and let this thunderous clash of sounds slam some bass into your face. DJ Muggs is in the house. Legendary DJ, longtime member of Cypress Hill, and progenitor of that certain raucous dark hip hop sound, DJ Muggs proves his endurability with Sound Clash Business, the new EP out today on Mishka Records.

This five track release shows how the dextrous Muggs has married his decades of experience in production to newer sounds, incorporating heavy bass, dubstep, and trap elements into his signature sound. It also features A$AP Rocky and The Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish sounding positively demonic over Muggs’ imposing beats. With everything from full-on dubstep to just plain dub ragga, there’s impressive versatility to Sound Clash Business. You wouldn’t expect anything less from DJ Muggs.

Also, be sure to check out the video for single “Bow”

DJ Muggs – Bow from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

Full cover art:
DJ Muggs - Sound Clash Business

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