Dissizit have just dropped their summer 2012 collection over @ UGHH.com. This drop includes a wide variety of fitted caps/snapbacks as well as t-shirts & tanktops.

Shop Dissizit Summer 2012 Collection:

Dissizit Preview gallery:

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Shop Dissizit Summer 2012 Collection:

DISSIZIT! The designs are courtesy of O.G. graff legend SLICK, who had his start airbrushing t-shirts on the shores of Waikiki and worked his way to Los Angeles, and Danny Boy O’Connor of House of Pain/La Coka Nostra fame. SLICK is no stranger to the clothing game; for graffiti it was “Third Rail”, for skaters and punks he did “Fuct Clothing”, he brought you the Asian flavor with a street twist with “Shaolin Worldwide”, and he has finally come full circle back to his graff roots with DISSIZIT! His art has been featured in countless documentaries, magazines, music videos, feature films and even an album cover or two, most notably “The Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde.” We at DISSIZIT! like to keep the heads on their toes and fuck with what’s hot that particular moment, and flipping it, but never straying too far from the graff. It’s sometimes difficult to come up with dope shit every couple of months, just to have the bigger dogs come down and swoop to make a killing. Still DISSIZIT! continues to grow at a steady pace, unaffected by this unforgiving industry where brands pop up and disappear every day, DISSIZIT! is here to stay. Don’t sleep on these cats! Everything is limited, so if you get it, cool, if you don’t, ya snoozed. Don’t trip though if you miss a release, you can probably get something similar soon after from one of the hundreds of whack ass brands in stores everywhere.

We are the Streets, Hip Hop, Graffiti, & graphic pioneers!
Legendary status in this game for over 20 years producing nothing short of modern classics. The official brand of the true B-Boy. DISSIZIT 2008 till infinity…

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