Living up to the reputation of being the busiest man in hardcore & hip hop Lord Ezec aka Danny Diablo has a whole bunch of new music and projects coming up.

Ezec’s old band Crown of Thornz have reunited for a show at This Is Hardcore fest in Philadelphia (Aug 12, 2012), where they will be play their classic “Train Yard Blues” EP in its entirety and more importantly they are gonna be doing a new record called “Nothing But Tragedy”.

There’s also gonna be one last Skarhead record with Puerto Rican Myke, Eddy Leeway & Ivan Murillo. The record should be released later this year.

Danny Diablo’s new band will be called Interboro Defstar. The band will have Matty Pasta and AK Ray on guitars, Brett Evans on bass and Blizzard on drums. The music will be a mix between Crown Of Thornz, Rage Against The Machine, Quicksand & Carnivore.

Danny Diablo as an solo artist will be coming out with a new cd called “The Blood Of Eden”. The release features production from DJ Stress and appearances from Skam Dust, Big B, DGAF, Matt Maddox, The DRP, Grizz Rock, Block McCloud, Madchild, Tim Armstrong and others. A video for the Schooly D cover “Saturday Night” will be finished soon and will probably be the first single to drop from the project.

Danny Diablo & crew

A brandnew project that isn’t widely know yet is his collaboration with Lars Frederiksen from Rancid. The band will be called Death Dealer and basically consists of Danny Diablo on vocals with the guys from The Old Firm Casuals playing music. To qoute Danny “It’s gonna be fuckin hard. It’s gonna be hard drinkin music – fighting, trippin, coke, weed music. Its gonna whatever people do to have fun and pass the time. Heartbreaks and heartaches.”. Guess we’re in for a treat.

Danny Diablo - Raising Dillinger

And last but not least Danny and his manager D110 are working on a reality tv show called “Raising Dillinger”, Dillinger is his son’s name. It will be a reality show about people who live alternative lifestyles but who bring their kid(s) up with pure love.

All in all it’s gonna be a busy year for Danny Diablo. We’ll keep you posted when more details on all these project come available.

Purchase music by Danny Diablo @ iTunes:
International Hardcore Superstar – Danny Diablo
Thugcore 4 Life – Danny Diablo
The Street CD Vol.1 – Danny Diablo

Purchase music by Skarhead @ iTunes”:
Dreams Don’t Die – Skarhead
Drugs, Music & Sex – Skarhead
Kings at Crime – Skarhead

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