Danny Diablo aka Lord Ezec (also known for his vocal duties in Skarhead, Icepick and Crown Of Thornz) premiered three new songs off of his upcoming “Blood Of Eden” record on Black N Blue Takeover radio. You can listen to the show by going to the BNB Radio archives here (October 23 show).

The three new Danny Diablo songs were:
“Diablo Made Me Do It” (featuring Madchild & Jaysaun, produced by DJ Lethal), “Lethal Aggression” (produced by Stress The Whiteboy) & “Saturday Night” (Schooly D cover). Furthermore they talked about Danny Diablo’s record label Ill Roc & the upcoming Diablo Festival.

Danny Diablo’s “The Blood Of Eden” will drop in November on Durty Mick Records / Ill Roc Records. The release features production from DJ Stress and appearances from Skam Dust, Big B, DGAF, Matt Maddox, The DRP, Grizz Rock, Block McCloud, Madchild, Tim Armstrong and others. A video for the Schooly D cover “Saturday Night” will be finished soon and will probably be the first single to drop from the project.

Also announced during the BNB Radio show was the upcoming Diablo fest that Danny Diablo is throwing on Saturday December 15th @ Webster Hall NYC. The line-up playing that day: Crown Of Thornz, The Beatnuts, Sub Zero, Iron Solomon, Stigma, King 9, ILL-Roc Soldiers, Eye Ra Haze, Rebel Matic, King Of Sheep, Setback, The DRP. Diablo fest is one of the few, or maybe the only fest that mixes hardcore and hip hop acts. So you’ll get the best of the both worlds.

Check out the Diablo Fest flyer:
[lightbox link=”http://www.thewildstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/dannydiablo_diablofest_nyc.jpg”]Danny Diablo Fest NYC[/lightbox]

About Black N Blue Takeover Radio (taken from In Effect magazine):
Quality radio shows surrounding the world of hardcore and punk music are few and far between. Growing up I used to tune into WNYU’s Crucial Chaos Radio Show every Thursday night and get my hardcore music fix from the likes of Spermicide and Johnny Stiff and in later years from names like Rachel Rosen, GlenNYU and Kentucky Dave. Back then if you missed a show for whatever reason you would hope that one of your friends tuned in and taped whatever band played live that night in the studio.

Technolgy today brings us the Black N Blue Takeover via EastVillageRadio.com and in the past 3 plus years has become an extremely important component in spreading the word of this underground music we all love. To me, what makes this show so potent is that it is run the right way by real people in the hardcore scene who have been in bands and have been booking and going to shows for years. Using an online outlet allows the show to be free and easy, not having to worry about being politically correct or dropping a few F bombs along the way. The biggest advantage of using todays technology is being available online which allows the shows range to reach anyone in the world with an internet connection. Having each show archived and available to listen to at any time of the day don’t hurt either… Black N Blue Takeover has grown up fast in it’s 3 year run and has become a vital glue to keeping the hardcore faithful informed in all corners of the globe.

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