The newly reformed Crown Of Thornz, the classic NYHC outfit fronted by Skarhead frontman Lord Ezec aka Danny Diablo, have played two shows this weekend, one in Ieper, Belgium and one at This Is Hardcore fest in Philadelphia, US. The full set from Ieper has popped up on YouTube.

Check out the video after the jump.
In related news Crown Of Thornz will be releasing a new cd called “Nothing But Tragedy”. Release date is unknown as of yet.

The Crown Of Thornz shirts that were made for Ieperfest and This Is Hardcore sold out within minutes. So for those who weren’t able to get what they wanted please visit the Durty Mick Records online store in a few days. They’ll be made available there asap.

Check out the Ieper fest video here:

About Crown Of Thornz:
In 1994 Ezec formed the critically acclaimed NYHC act Crown of Thornz along with former Breakdown guitarist Mike Dijan. belting out emotionally charged lyrics of introspection, pain and anger. Crown Of Thornz released their debut EP “Train Yard Blues” in 1995 on Equal Vision Records, a dedication to Ezec’s younger brother David whose life ended tragically the year prior. In 1995,Crown of Thornz took part in the N.Y.H.C. documentary. Their live performances were captured (including a fight breaking out during the opening song of their set) as well as an insightful interview where he speaks about the tragic suicide of his younger brother as well as the time he was stabbed by a crackhead. The following year Crown Of Thornz struck back with their 1996 underground classic “Mentally Vexed” on Another Planet Records, a juggernaut of riffs and melodies that had hardcore fans as far as Europe and Japan in a frenzy.

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