Adlib drops another visual off of his new album “Bad Intentions”. Released on Freedom Union/ Redphone Records.

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Also available from Adlib: “Brass Knuckle Hustle

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Adlib, the Battleaxe Warrior from Philly, is dropping his new album “Bad Intentions” on July 17, 2012. The album features songs with MadchildSlaine, Jaysaun, Lord EzecVinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, and Bizarre. He’s a fierce lyricist on the come-up make sure you cop this album, Warriors. Check out & get the Pre-Order Packages for Bad Intentions here.

Adlib’s mother named, Andrea Bedwell of Irish Greek and English ancestry. His father Hussein Quawasmy was a Palestinian man from the West Bank of the River Jordan in the Middle East. Quawasmy Senior had come to America on a student visa to pursue his education in the States. He was soon deported back to the West Bank because immigration found him working and not in school. As a result, he turned to his friend Andrea for help. Before long, they got married in order to grant him residency to the U.S. In the midst of this disingenuous relationship and in the often tough and troubled streets of Philadelphia, PA, Adam Hussein Quawasmy was born.

To add coal to the fire Quawasmy Senior was an alcoholic and left Adam when he was only 6 weeks old. When Adam was two years old his mother Andrea married an Italian named John. John adopted Adam as his son and therefore legally changed his name to Adam Viola. For the next 11 years Adam was kept in the dark about his biological father. At age 13 Adam found out the truth and refused to conform to the usual codes and conventions of society. He was constantly running away from home, transferred to various schools for behavioral issues and was even admitted to mental institutions on 3 different occasions. It was at this vital stage in his life when Adam met his biological father for the first time. Hussein Quawasmy promised to keep in touch but never did.

In the early 1990’s Adam was introduced to drugs, crime and most importantly hip hop. His best friend ED, who lived in New Jersey just outside of Camden, would bring him Ice T and Special Ed cassette tapes from his days in military school. As his talent for combining words together developed, his rebellious nature which included fighting, joyriding, and petty hustles also became 2nd nature to him. At this point, it might have been his exposure to the tough realities of life or his strength of will to overcome such life experiences that “Adlib” was born; which means to engage in improvisation. It’s also the abbreviation for the Latin word “ad libitum” meaning “at pleasure” and “at one’s pleasure, as much as one desires, to the full extent of one’s wishes.”

In 1993 while Ed was doing some juvenile time in New Jersey, Adam met Kirk, a punk rocker back in PA.

Bridging what, in the early nineties, looked like insurmountable gaps in each others music influences, both Adlib and Kirk clicked. Adlib understood the common denominator in punk, hardcore and hip hop music. It helped him transform the landscape of his own music creativity. All these styles of music express the same thing- struggle and being fed up. He started attending hard core punk rock shows with Kirk. The people there would say he was a wigger and joked about his Filas while his friends back home would laugh at his black flag and Minor Threat T-shirts. Ryheen Kline the frontman of a local hardcore band related to him and asked if he wanted to rap at a show. Adlib agreed and after that night he knew what he wanted to do. He was meant to be a performer. Onstage he was encouraged by the crowd’s energy all the while absorbing the manifestation of his voice. Then, wanting to seize the moment again and again he tried performing at any gig he could get.

There were cultural differences between Adlib and the hardcore show audience that made it difficult for Adlib to be fully accepted there. There were also no hip hop showcases for him to use as an outlet. But when your talents stretch from freestyle rapping to gritty hardcore arrangements to aggressive and intricate lyrics you have to create your own platform, which Adlib did. He began throwing his own shows. Lying to fire halls in order to rent rooms and throwing parties to showcase his talent. At one of these makeshift shows Adlib was introduced to Aeyone, an Emcee producer from Allentown, PA. Adlib and Aeyone formed the Garbage Pail Kids and with Adlibs first cassette release “Absolute Lunacy” they built a local following that some people might call a cult movement.

While working on the CD “Talk Hard” Adlib was introduced to GQ and Kasper who like Aeyone were Emcees based out of Allentown, PA. The four of them formed O-D-D and just like the Garbage Pail Kids it became an overnight force in the PA hip hop scene. Nominated for 7 Philly Hip Hop awards in 2003 the O-D-D took away 2 without a music album release.

Adlib released the “Green Mile” independently with rave reviews. Due to personal differences, Adlib dismantled O-D-D and went solo. He then went on to assist King Magnetic as his hype man. Some of Adlib’s recent work includes features on 2 tracks on Snow Goons “Black Snow” and “Trojan Horse” (Released on Baby Grande Records) as well as on DJ Whoo Kid Presents King Magnetics “co $ign” and The Snowgoons/Signature Street CD.

Adlib also traveled overseas to Switzerland and performed at the royal arena festival with Reef the Lost Cauze. He also traveled with King Magnetic as back up support for Jedi Mind Tricks History of Violence Tour – US dates.

Adlib linked up with Shadyville’s DJ Dre Boogs and to release the mix tape “Say Hello to the Bad Guy” featuring production from Stress the Whiteboy, Ali Armz, Caesar Glomgold and the Snowgoons. Adlib also collaborated with NYHC Legends’ Lord Ezec and Freddy Madball, as well as Emcees Reef the Lost CauzE, King Magnetic, Ceekay Jones and Panic. In addition he’s introducing his new crew; Freedom 30. F30 consists of long time friends and fellow P.A. artists: Godilla, Aeyone, Ali Armz & Caesar Glomgold. The mix tape is available as a free download on and several mix tape sites with over 10,000 downloads to date.

By way of mutual friend, DJ Stress; Adlib and Lord Ezec “Danny Diablo” have built a strong relationship which has lead Adlib to become official member of Shotblockers and now is embarking on a promotional campaign headed by Danny Diablo’s own “Ill Roc Records”, soon to be releasing Adlib’s street CD in Summer of 2010. This project have will features such Danny Diablo, Panic, Pace One, Freedom 30, UG and Steele of Smith n Wessun. Adlib will also be featured on Crush Unit’s EP and The Crush Unit vs. Snowgoons LP; along-side other crush unit members, side-affect, brain storm, biz mighty, one gold tooth, sick six, sev one and DJ Stress.

The LP release “Bad Intentions” will be soon released on digital format and available hard-copies at selected record outlets. The record boasts production from Stress the White boy, Snowgoons, Sicknature, Eyego-Direct, Aeyone, Ali Armz, Glom and more. Features consists of Freedom30, Reef the Lost Cauze, Danny Diablo, Freddy Madball, Slaine, Dj Kwestion, UG and King Magnetic.

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