Five piece hardcore band All For Nothing release 1 video with 2 songs! “Dead To Me” followed by “Twisted Tongues” are both taken from their latest offering “To Live and Die For“. Released on GSR Music, march 2012.

All For Nothing have honed their craft by touring and playing anywhere and with anyone and return with 13 anthems of intense, high energetic hardcore that pummels you into submission with their sing-along choruses, crushing breakdowns and melodic riffs. Fueled by their love for spending life on the road, All For Nothing have toured with some of Hardcore’s biggest bands and played stages all over the world from basements in front of 50 kids to festivals in front of 10’000 kids, regardless of whether they were hardcore, metal or punk.

All For Nothing want to spread their music to everyone and anyone and To Live and Die For has something for everyone, crossing all kinds of borders, showing that All For Nothing are not afraid of wearing their heart on their sleeve. If you feel the same way about Hardcore as All For Nothing, then To Live and Die For is going to be the soundtrack to your 2012 and beyond!

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