We are proud to annouce the release of the ApRock Presents MIDIFLASH “Pleased To Beat You” mixtape on January 31st via Europe`s leading mailorder for Hip Hop CDs and Vinyl – HHV. The mixtape will be available for free download all over the internet.

Beat producers MIDIFLASH from Munich, Germany teamed up with artists from both sides of the Atlantic, featuring American underground MCs such as M-Dot, The Society Of Invisibles, Side Effect, Banish, Nutso, Tribeca, EQ, Little Vic, GQ Nothin Pretty as well as European rappers like J-Spliff, Mr. Malchau, Cerebros, Black Tiger, Morlockk Dilemma… 
When international rhymes connect, “Pleased To Beat You”, transports the feeling of the golden-era, without sounding dated. Denmarks DJ LP2 puts the thirteen exclusive joints in a tight mix offering an hour of classic, sample based Boombap from a 2012 perspective.

Download link: www.hhv-mag.com/en/feature/300/midiflash-think-global-act-local

01. Pleased To Beat You (Little Vic, Mr. Malchau, Revilo, GQ aka Nothin Pretty)
02. Transatlantic Artivism (M-Dot, Black Tiger, Roger Rekless, Kapa)
03. Straight Fire (The Society Of Invisibles, Morlockk Dilemma, Cerebros)
04. I Got This (J-Spliff)
05. Next To You (EQ, Beond, Yello Blac, Darnell McClain & Antihelden)
06. Hip Hop (Dookz Cannon)
07. Maneater (Tribeca)
08. Warlordz (Banish, Aims, R.U.F.F.K.I.D.D.)
09. The Weapon Is Set (Destruct, Mortis One)
10. Raw Uncut (Mordekaii, Kwote 1)
11. Without A Reason (Side Effect, Revilo)
12. You Ain`t Ready (M-Dot, Mr. Malchau, Nutso, Antihelden)
13. City Of Saints (Mesidge, Antihelden)

Snippet on DJ LP2s bandcamp:

MIDIFLASH also did a videoclip for the “Transatlantic Artivism” track, which can be found on Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPM5Wjnaw7Q

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