Breakdown – The original 1987 demo lineup regroups to take care of some unfinished business!

Twenty-five years ago a group dedicated hardcore kids who had met at a local record store decided to get together in a Yonkers garage and write their own original songs. Combining their favorite influences they came up with a unique style that was all their own, and often imitated – up until this very day.

One half of the band continued on as Breakdown, and the other half started Raw Deal who later became Killing Time –recording yet another classic demo tape. Both bands went on to release several classic CDs and toured worldwide.

After two and a half decades and participation in many other successful bands (including Slumlords, Maximum Penalty, Electric Frankenstein and more…) these five original members (Jeff Perlin – vocals, Carl Porcaro – guitar, Rich McLoughlin – bass, Anthony Drago – drums, Don Angellili – guitar) have decided to regroup to hit the stage again and perform the original demo songs along with various other Breakdown songs from the late eighties (including songs recorded for the New York Hardcore – Where the Wilds Things Are/Blackout Records & The New Breed Compilation/Wardance Records). This rejuvenated Breakdown lineup also plans to record and release new material (targeting a 2012 release)!!!

Jeff Perlin says: “The timing is just perfect. We reconnected and when the idea of reforming, writing new material and touring came up we all jumped at the opportunity! I think we all agree that we could have done so much more with this classic lineup. We have chemistry; we all just work so well together. These guys can really pump out some great songs, as evidenced by their work in Killing Time and all of the other projects they’ve worked on over the years. Now we will get to see what would have happened if we’d stuck together way back when. Only now we have years of experience under our belts – we will be tighter than ever. I have loads of lyrics I’ve been waiting to use when the right opportunity came along. We’re all really excited and can’t wait to release new material, play shows, and just hang out together and have fun again.”

Look for Breakdown to playing a show near you in 2012. And keep your eyes out for their upcoming release – the first output from this original lineup in exactly 25 years!

For more info check out their Facebook page.

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