MidiFlash, a production duo from Munich/Germany, is already looking back to a working his-tory of 15 years. Up until today, their initial musical influences are still easily detectable in their beats: They were shaped by the Pete Rocks and Premos, who eventually made them leave their turntables and turn to producing equipment in the mid-90s. For quite a while, it all happened behind closed doors, without any ambitions to go public, just recording with G.I.s from the Army bases around their hometown doing the rapping-parts. On this output, which you can DOWNLOAD below FOR FREE the case is a slightly different one. This time, it’s an international MC-armada, getting together due to a single common denominator: their love of Hip Hop culture. M-Dot, Nutso, The Society Of Invisibles, Little Vic, Tribeca, Side Effect, Banish, Morlockk Dilemma, Antihelden, R.U.F.F.K.I.D.D., Black Tiger and many other guest MCs from all imaginable places in the world can be found on Pleased To Beat You.

As the Snowgoons, Crazeology, and lately also The Funk League from France have proven: it’s actually possible to gain access to well respected international MCs. The internet has changed the whole game quite a bit. The new forms of communication make the worldwide musical exchange much easier, and so the Hip Hop utopia of a globally connected scene, ac-tually became reality. And this is exactly MidiFlash’s approach to Pleased To Beat You: Hip Hop as a transnational culture. »The internet has definitely made the whole world move closer together. Before, a project like Pleased To Beat You would simply not have been possible in this form«, as MidiFlash explains. Besides, they find it »just thrilling, when, for example The Society Of Invisibles and Morlockk Dilemma share the same beat, or when Berlin meets Los Angeles«. Plus, the duo was lucky enough to work with executive producerApRock, who already had good contacts due to his Joining Forces Network, so that he could actually make collabos come true.

[dcs_lb_link url=”http://www.thewildstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/Midiflash-EP-Cover_front.jpg” title=”Midiflash – Pleased To Beat You EP”][/dcs_lb_link]

With their sample oriented beats, MidiFlash is waving the flag for classic timeless Rap, even though the project doesn’t see itself as a return to the »old values«. Still, both musicians em-phasize: »As someone growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, a certain conscience for the four elements is automatically deeply embedded within our understanding of Hip Hop.« Their Hip Hop consciousness is best illustrated by the single “Transatlantic Artivism”, which was produced prior to the album along with a lavish video, in collaboration with I Love My Hood and the Aerosol Kings from Belgium. »We certainly don’t see ourselves as nostalgic backpackers, who got stuck in the golden era«, as they put it. And consequently, they classify their sound as »Boom-Bap from a 2012 perspective.« (Source: hhv-mag.com)

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Source and text: www.ilovemyhood.de

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