Liknuts (Tha Alkaholiks + The Beatnuts) released their first official video today.

About Liknuts:
“Hip-Hop legend” is an overused and overstated phrase that gets tossed around way too lightly, landing on the heads of anyone in the rap game who’s been lucky enough to have a couple of solid singles, or has put out more than one record without fading into obscurity. But in truth, the legends of the rap world are made through hard work, individuality, and success for over a decade (while making it look easy)…Combine two of the greatest hip hop party groups ever from the West and the East coast Tha Alkaholiks and The Beatnuts together and you have the supergroup… LIKNUTS. Disputably the most anticipated release of 2012 to hip hop fans worldwide, this collaboration is sure to be an instant Hip-Hop classic. Welcome to the Liknuts Project.

Check out the video after the jump:

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