Ill Bill’s next installment in the “Howie Made Me Do It” series is available now on iTunes. Part 3 features remixes and demo versions of Bill’s songs, as well as collabo’s with Slaine, Vinnie Paz, La Coka Nostra, Tech N9ne, Immortal Technique and many more…

Get Ill Bill – Howie Made Me Do It 3 @ iTunes.

Ricky Kasso was the first single off of the project:

Ricky Kasso” lyrics:
First time I did acid was in Flatbush, Brooklyn
East Flatbush to be exact if you looking for accuracy
Fuck you shackles, I’m free
Thank You LSD
& mushroom fragments in tea
Watching “Yellow Submarine” & laughing at Blue Meanies
The true meaning
Open the door & walk through the ceiling
The matrix is gone
I view clearly
Realizing society is brainwashed is a brutal feeling
Finally see who’s really the truth & who’s the demon
Who’s still sleeping in the womb dreaming?
Who’s scheming?
Who’s smoking angel dust with Rick & Russell?
Who’s equipt to hustle?
Who’s the one that always thinks first & who’s the muscle?
who’s the bible burner?
Did that guy that wrote “Fight Club” realize that Tyler Durden rhymes with violent murder?
Sometimes I gotta
Rethink my strategy
Rethink reality
Rethink sanity

Stream “Ricky Kasso”, produced by Ill Bill:

Ill Bill How Made Me Do It

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