Capone-N-Noreaga are back together and promise to be in the studio next week, contrary to the Twitter reports of disbanding in 2011, as the duo tells Sway Calloway.

Veteran Queens, New York duo Capone-N-Noreaga stated that they would be going on hiatus in mid-2011, following the War Report 2 album a year earlier. At the time, N.O.R.E. took to Twitter to confirm that CNN would record no more, and asked, “Doesn’t it hurt to watch a boxer still box when he’s heart isn’t in it that’s what the group feels like right now.” At the time, it was unclear whether or not he was talking about himself or his rhyme partner.

Nearly two years later, that changed this morning, when N.O.R.E. (a/k/a P.A.P.I.) brought Capone as a surprised guest to his phone-call into Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning.

“I wanna do another album. We puttin’ pressure on Capone!,” shouted an enthusiastic N.O.R.E. “We gonna get in the studio. That’s what this means.” Capone chimed in,”A.S.A.P.” According to N.O., who is releasing his Student Of The Game solo album on April 16, it began with a recent phone call. “I had to tell ‘Pone I missed him the other day.”


Host Sway pressed Capone for the reasoning of the latest hiatus. “It’s probably my fault, but it’s probably his fault too. We both stubborn,” said Capone. With reconciliation out of the way, he added. “We goin’ straight full throttle with it.”

According to N.O.R.E., Capone-N-Noreaga may make their first official appearance together in some years at this weekend’s Cannabis Cup in Rhode Island.

Earlier this month, N.O.R.E. spoke to HipHopDX about the significance of 1997’s The War Report to his life and career: “If it wasn’t for The War Report, I probably wouldn’t still be in this game, so of course there’s a lot of positivities that come with The War Report. But it’s just a lot of times that I listen to it, the negative part comes up—me thinking about Capone going to jail, me thinking about how me and Trag relationship started to get shaky, and me thinking about how I’m going to maintain now that Capone’s not here. Capone was actually the nucleus of CNN, so how do you maintain without the nucleus?”

Dating back to 1996, the longtime Penalty Records duo, who later worked with Def Jam, SMC, EMI and Raekwon’s Ice H20 imprint, has released four group albums in total.

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