Bundy Blunts has mad his Street CD Vol.1 available as a free download:

Click here to download the CD, featuring Danny Diablo, Diggy & White Owl.

Bundy Blunts bio:
Straight from the streets of the 11372, Bundy Blunts, also known as “The Glattkosha Butcha”, is an artist who is no stranger to the music. From early childhood, he surrounded himself with it. Around the age of 13, Bundy found love for Venom, Celtic Frost and Slayer. With interest in these bands and no way to see them live, he introduced himself to the music scene of New York. With hopes to find similarly influenced bands, he stumbled upon what is known as Hardcore music.

In 1996, Bundy joined the New York Hardcore band “SETBACK”, taking over the position as the lead vocalist and added the in-your-face style that eventually became the image they were known for. Later in 1997, the band released their first EP called “No Hope”. About six months later, they played their last show at the legendary club CBGB. Unable to stay away from performing, SETBACK reunited in January of 2008 to play the BnB Super Bowl Of Hardcore that following spring and soon after went on to release their second EP titled “Unfinished Business”. In the start of 2010, Bundy parted ways with the band. Within that time, he had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many “NYHC Greats” such as Madball, Agnostic Front, Sheer Terror and Breakdown.

With a plan to try something different musically, Bundy spoke with Lord Ezec (founder of Ill-Roc Records) and was teamed up with recording artist, The Real Diggy, to work on a demo for the label. Seizing the opportunity, he combined his hardcore writing style with a raspy edge to create what he calls “Gorilla Rap”. The outcome was so great, Bundy was asked to turn it into a full 18-track street CD called “Bundy Blunts DMS Ill-Roc Street CD Vol. 1” that became available on iTunes in December of 2011 featuring tracks with Bukoo Bucks and Ill-Roc soldiers; The Real Diggy, White Owl, Danny Diablo and SkamDust. This album also includes four hits from the SETBACK years.

As his own solo act, Bundy Blunts has been performing in numerous states with artists such as Slaine, Jaysaun, Necro, Grizz and everyone’s favorite DJ, Stress The White Boy. He is also currently a part of Buried Before Death; a hip hop/hardcore/metal mix with The Real Diggy and Fed Seven-Thirty. Another project in the works is Thug Lordz; NY/NJ Hardcore with an all-star lineup consisting of Stik Man (Fury Of Five) and himself on vocals, G (SETBACK) and Matty Pasta (Subzero) on guitars, Felipe (Murphy’s Law) on bass and Jimmy Williams (Maximum Penalty) on drums.

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